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Public School Principals’ Perceptions of Influence by School Level and Community Type

Categories: Education,Govt Finance,Statistics

Surveys the perceptions of principals about their role in establishing the curriculum and influencing the budget for their schools.  From the National Center for Education Statistics.


Employment Outlook for Bachelor’s-Level Occupations

Covers selected occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree with information about typical wages and projected openings.  Covers nine broad career fields including business, teaching, financial, social services, healthcare services, and information technology.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


College Enrollment and Work Activity of Recent High School and College Graduates: 2017

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides details on percentage of 2017 high school graduates enrolled in college and percentage of college graduates receiving degrees in 2017 who have employment.   Includes demographic characteristics of those covered and employment status of those with postsecondary degrees by type of degree. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Public School Teacher Spending on Classroom Supplies

Categories: Education,Headlines,Statistics

Describes the percentage of public school teachers who spent their own money on classroom supplies without reimbursement and the average amount of money spent by the teachers.  From the National Center for Education Statistics.

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Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for the 2015-16 School Year

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Education,Science/Technology,Statistics

Biennial release of data on civil rights issues in U.S. public schools.  Includes press release on availability of data, issue brief on school climate and safety issues, and data on student access to STEM courses.  Also includes data criminal offenses in public schools.  From the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education


Projections of Education Statistics to 2026

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Statistics

Latest annual issue which provides national level data on enrollment, teachers, high school graduates, and expenditures at the elementary/secondary level and enrollment and degrees awarded at the postsecondary level for the past 15 years and projections to 2026. From the National Center for Education Statistics


2017 NAEP Mathematics and Reading Assessments: Highlighted Results at Grades 4 and 8 for the Nation, States, and Districts

Categories: Education,Literacy/Reading,Mathematics,Statistics,Tests/Assessments

Presents an overview of the performance by U.S. students on national reading and math tests.  Scores were up for reading at the 8th grade level and unchanged for other tests.  Includes links for more detailed results on the math and reading assessments.   From the National Center for Education Statistics


K-12 Education: Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities

Categories: African Americans,Children,Civil/Human Rights,Disability,Education,Headlines,Statistics

Examines patterns among disciplinary actions from nearly all public schools in 2013/14 and finds that black students, boys, and students with disabilities were disproportionately disciplined.  The disparities were widespread and persisted regardless of type of public school attended or level of school poverty.  From the Government Accountability Office


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