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Questions and Answers on Title IX and Single-Sex Elementary and Secondary Classes and Extracurricular Activities

Categories: Children,Civil/Human Rights,Education,Laws/Regulations,Youth

Offers legal guidance on circumstances under which school districts can offer single-sex classes and extracurricular activities without violation of civil rights provisions of law.  From the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights


2014 Annual Report on the Condition and Needs of Public Schools in Virginia

Categories: Education,Virginia Issues$file/RD407.pdf

Includes current condition and critical needs of public education in Virginia, the Standards of Quality, and a Charter School report.  From the Virginia Board of Education


A Child’s Day: Living Arrangements, Nativity, and Family Transitions: 2011 (Selected Indicators of Child Well-Being)

Categories: Children,Education,Literacy/Reading,Marriage/Family,Population/Census,Statistics

Measures of well-being include school performance, family reading practices, shared meal times, television rules, and extracurricular activities.  From the Census Bureau


Correctional Education in Juvenile Justice Facilities

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education,Youth

Includes a Guidance Package and Additional Resources for improving the educational programs provided to 60,000 youths in local and state correctional facilities.  From the Education and Justice Departments.


Ninth-Graders’ Mathematics Coursetaking, Motivations, and Educational Plans

Categories: Education,Mathematics,Statistics

Examines what motivates high school students to take math courses and how those motivations vary depending on students’ plans for the year after high school.  Also looks at how students from different socio-economic backgrounds compare in terms of math courses taken and motivation.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Profile and Financial Aid Estimates of Graduate Students: 2011-12

Categories: Education,Statistics

Presents estimates on the demographic and enrollment characteristics of students in graduate-level programs and how they financed their graduate studies.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Internships, Fellowships, and Other Work Experience Opportunities in the Federal Government

Categories: Careers,Education,Education-Higher,Govt Information,Youth

Describes Internet resources on major internship, fellowship, and work experience programs within the federal government as  a selective guide for students from high school to postgraduate.

From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Fact Sheet: FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Plan to Reboot the E-Rate Program to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Digital Learning

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Presents the proposal of the FCC Chairman to modernize the E-Rate rules and funding levels.  Also describes the current high-speed Internet connectivity gap.  From the  Federal Communications Commission


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