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Hampton Roads Regional Benchmarking Study 2014

Latest annual study of the region’s 16 jurisdictions with locality profiles and regional benchmarks covering the economy, demographics, housing, transportation, and various quality of life indicators.  From the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission


School Enrollment: Detailed Tables

Categories: Children,Education,Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Statistics,Youth

8 tables on enrollment at all education levels with demographic characteristics of enrollees.  From the Census Bureau


The State of Broadband 2014: Broadband for All

Categories: Business/Economics,Education,Telecommunications/Internet,United Nations

Describes the penetration of broadband access to the Internet and its application for sustainable development and education.  Estimates that 40% of the world population will be online by the end of 2014.  From the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


School Accreditation Ratings 2014-2015

Categories: Education,Headlines,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Provides summary statistics about Virginia public schools and the number/percentage which are fully accredited, accredited with warning, and all other categories.  Also includes link to open spreadsheet file with scores and accreditation rating by school district and individual school.  From the Virginia Department of Education


How Do States Define Alternative Education?

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations

Discusses the differences among states in the characteristics of their alternative education programs including target population, setting, services, and structure.  Includes definitions of alternative education by state.  From the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education


Household Characteristics of Opposite-Sex and Same-Sex Couple Households: ACS 2012

Categories: Children,Education,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Marriage/Family,Population/Census,Sex Issues,Statistics

An excel data file which compares married and unmarried same-sex and opposite-sex couple households by such characteristics as age, race, education attainment, employment status, presence of children in household, income, and home tenure.  From the Census Bureau


Local Government and School Division Consolidation

Categories: Education,Govt Processes/Organization,Virginia Issues

Discusses the benefits and obstacles to local school consolidation in Virginia using recent consolidations as evidence.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


Common Core State Standards and Assessments: Background and Issues

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations

Describes the evolution of federal efforts to affect student outcomes in elementary and secondary education, the development of the Common Core State Standards, state adoption of the standards, the Race to the Top State Grant competition, and the ESEA Flexibility Package.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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