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Out-of-Pocket Net Price for College

Categories: Education-Higher,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Shows trends in total price and net price (the price after student aid is deducted) for public, private, and for-profit institutions of higher education over past decade.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Postsecondary Completers and Completions: 2011-12

Categories: Education-Higher,Statistics

Describes the campaign to increase the percentages of students completing higher education programs with diplomas or certificates and schemes to allow students to complete programs in chunks and earn stackable certificates to encourage persistence.  This report provides statistics on characteristics of students who complete programs and average number of awards.  Includes detailed state data.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Unlawfully Present Aliens, Higher Education, In-State Tuition, and Financial Aid: Legal Analysis

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Education-Higher,Federal State Relations,Immigration/Migration,Laws/Regulations

Reviews controversies concerning eligibility for certain college benefits for those in the country unlawfully.  Covers the basic legal principles, state restrictions on access to higher education and state measures which grant access.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Federal Science and Engineering Obligations to Universities and Colleges Drop by 11% in FY2011

Categories: Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Science/Technology,Statistics

Federal agencies committed $31.4 billion  to academic institutions for science and engineering research in FY2011, a drop of 11% from 2010.  Presents statistics on obligations by agency, activity, and recipient institution.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


Northwestern University and College Athletes Players Association

Categories: Athletics/Exercise,Education-Higher,Headlines,Labor Unions,Laws/Regulations

Decision of the Chicago area NLRB that college athletes receiving athletic scholarships are employees of the university they represent and are legally entitled to form a union.  A  former quarterback at Northwestern University began the unionization effort to gain medical coverage for players with football-related injuries.   From the National Labor Relations Board Chicago Region Office


America’s Young Adults at 27: Labor Market Activity, Education, and Household Composition: Results from a Longitudinal Survey

Categories: Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Marriage/Family,Statistics

Provides information on work and nonwork experiences, training, schooling, income, assets, and other characteristics of young adults born in the early 1980s.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics



Program Integrity: Gainful Employment

Categories: Careers,Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher,Laws/Regulations

Proposed rule that would establish measures for determining whether career colleges are preparing students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation and whether these colleges would remain eligible under federal student aid programs.  From the Federal Register


Program Integrity: Gainful Employment

Categories: Careers,Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher,Laws/Regulations

Announces intention to propose rules that educational institutions must meet if they sponsor programs which prepare students for employment in certain occupations.  Failure to meet the rules might end their eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs. The rules are intended to protect students from poor-performing career colleges.  From the U.S. Education Department


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