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Department of Defense Base Structure Report: Fiscal Year 2014 Baseline

Categories: Defense/Military

A description of real property data owned or managed by the Department of Defense arranged alphabetically by state.  From the Department of Defense


Department of Defense Law of War Manual

Categories: Defense/Military

Described as the first-ever DOD-wide Law of War Manual.  Covers the international law principles governing armed conflict.  From the Defense Department


Report on Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military,Terrorism

Inaugural report in a new series of military reports on the situation in Afghanistan.  Reports on the noncombat mission to train, advise, and assist Afghan forces in the defense of their country.  From the Defense Department


Chinese Land Reclamation in the South China Sea: Implications and Policy Options

Categories: Asia,China,Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs

Assesses legal, military, and diplomatic implications of Chinese land reclamation actions on several reefs in the Spratly Island chain in the South China sea.  Also considers U.S. strategy and policy options in response.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Defense Spending and the Budget Control Act Limits

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations

Discusses the effects on defense spending of the Budget Control Act limits for the years FY 2012 until FY2021 and the rising average troop cost figures.  If Congressional spending for defense exceeds the BCA caps, the President is required to levy across-the-board cuts to each type of defense spending.  Also discusses different options for savings. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2015

Categories: China,Defense/Military,Headlines,Science/Technology,Statistics

Latest annual report to Congress on the military modernization and security strategies of China, the probable future developments over the next 20 years, and U.S.-China engagement on security matters at present.  From the Department of Defense


Snapshot Review of Sexual Assault Report Files at the Four Largest U.S. Military Bases in 2013

Categories: Crime/Justice,Defense/Military,Headlines,Sex Issues,Women

Alleges that sexual assault cases have been under-reported by the Defense Department, particularly in excluding cases involving civilian spouses of military members and civilian women living near military bases.  One of the four bases covered in the investigation was Naval Station Norfolk.  From the Office of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand


Defense Acquisitions: How and Where DoD Spends its Contracting Dollars

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Govt Procurement

The Defense Department spends more money on contractors than all other federal agencies combined.  This report examines how much money the Defense Department spends, what it is buying, and where the money is being spent. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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