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DIA Declassified: A Sourcebook

Categories: Cuba,Defense/Military,Govt Information,Iraq,Spying/Intelligence,WMD

A collection of 51 declassified documents from the history of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Includes an internal memo about the Iraqi defector named Curveball and the false intelligence about Iraq’s supposed WMD weapons. Also the DIA role in the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. From the National Security Archive


An Analysis of the Navy’s Fiscal Year 2016 Shipbuilding Plan

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Laws/Regulations

Examines the Navy’s plan to build 308 ships over the next 30 years, estimates the plan would cost about $18 billion per year, and concludes that the Budget Control Act of 2011 would pose an obstacle to such an ambitious building plan. From the Congressional Budget Office


The Soviet “War Scare”

Categories: Defense/Military,Headlines,History,NATO,Nuclear Arms,Russia

A recently declassified document from the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board dating from 1990 which reveals that the so-called War Scare of 1983 represented a real possibility of war between the U.S. and USSR. Soviet fears of a U.S.-NATO first strike during NATO exercises known as “Able Archer 83” led to increased Russian and Warsaw pact military preparedness. Posted by the National Security Archive.


Notification to Congress on the Permanent Reduction of Sizable Numbers of Members of the Armed Forces

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Statistics

Newly release declassified document which describes the process by which the Army is reducing the size of its force by 120,000 soldiers for an overall 21% reduction to a force of 450,000 by the end of Fiscal Year 2017. From the Department of the Army, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Summer Study Report on Strategic Surprise

Categories: Arms Control,Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

A study of how to counter threats and prevent regrets in eight areas including nuclear proliferation, missile defense, space security, undersea warfare, cyber vulnerabilities and more. From the Defense Science Board


Defense Spending by State: Fiscal Year 2014

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Govt Procurement,Headlines,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Provides figures for U.S. defense spending in FY 2014 at the state and local levels. The report covers spending on payroll and contracts. Virginia captured the top spot for both the total amount of DoD expenditures and for the highest percentage of state GDP attributed to DoD spending.   From the Office of Economic Adjustment of the Department of Defense


The Chinese Military: Overview and Issues for Congress

Categories: China,Defense/Military

Reviews the Chinese military buildup, its defense budget and industry, and the geographic scope of China’s military capability. Also focuses on policy options for Congress in response to this buildup. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Ten Years in Afghanistan’s Pech Valley

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military

Describes lessons learned from having both U.S. conventional and special operations forces in an Afghanistan valley region over a decade. From the United States Institute of Peace


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