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Performance of the Defense Acquisition System: 2016 Annual Report

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance,Govt Procurement,Statistics

Includes background material on spending levels and trends, analyzes performance outcomes from various perspectives, discusses factors behind cost growth, and concludes with information about contract bid-protest rates and trends in improving contractor audits.  From the Under Secretary of Defense, Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics


MDA Discrimination

Categories: Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Science/Technology

Newly released summary of a secret 2010 document on the difficulty of defending against intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Calls for more independent reviews of U.S. anti-missile programs by independent experts.  From the JASON Scientific Advisory Panel to the Defense Department, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


George S. Patton Papers: Diaries, 1910 to 1945

Categories: Defense/Military,History

A collection of the digitized diaries of General Patton covering his involvement in the Mexican Expedition, World War I, and World War II.  From the Library of Congress


DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Laws/Regulations

Examines the controversy that has arisen over the increasing role of the Department of Defense in security cooperation missions involving foreign countries and the diminishing role of the State Department.  Includes an extensive listing of DOD security cooperation authorities and whether State Department involvement is required.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Joint Doctrine Note 2-16: Identity Activities

Categories: Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Privacy,Terrorism

Attempts to provide guidance for military authorities to plan, execute, and assess identity activities, described as establishing and characterizing the identity of persons of interest, known adversaries, and others who contribute to the rise of anonymous, dispersed, and concealed threats.  From the Defense Department, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Program: 2016 Annual Report to Congress

Categories: Defense/Military,Homeland Security,WMD

Describes the Defense Department’s research and development activities designed to protect the American people against the effects of biological and chemical agents.  Released via the Freedom of Information Act.  From the Department of Defense, posted by the Federation of American Scientists.


Procedures for Approving Direct Action Against Terrorist Targets Located Outside the United States and Areas of Active Hostilities

Categories: Defense/Military,Headlines,Presidency,Science/Technology,Terrorism

18 page document dating from 2013, declassified under court order in August 2016, that sets out the role of the president in approving the use of drones or other weapons to target terrorist suspects overseas.  The guidelines also provide rules for targeting U.S. citizens abroad, guidance on what to do with captured terrorist suspects, and a preference for capture options over lethal action against terrorists.  From the Justice Department’s Office of Information Policy FOIA Library


Joint Operating Environment 2035: The Joint Force in a Contested and Disordered World

Categories: Defense/Military,Homeland Security,Nuclear Arms

Military thinking on how the U.S. can protect itself in a world occupied by other countries with competitive nuclear forces.  Calls for National Strategic Deterrence or leveraging layered missile defenses to complicate adversary nuclear planning.  From the Joint Chiefs of Staff


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