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Enforcement Annual Results for Fiscal Year (FY) 2014

Categories: Crime/Justice,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Science/Technology


Claims $163 million was collected in civil and criminal penalties from environmental law violations, and $9.7 billion was invested by companies in actions and equipment purchases to control pollution and clean up contaminated sites.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Special Prosecutors: Investigations and Prosecutions of Police Use of Deadly Force

Categories: African Americans,Crime/Justice,Federal State Relations,Supreme Court/courts

Considers the need for and process by which special prosecutors would be brought into play to carry out investigations of police use of deadly force and whether such incidents should involve federal authorities.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Rape and Sexual Assault Victimization Among College-Age Females, 1995-2013

Categories: Crime/Justice,Headlines,Sex Issues,Statistics,Women

Describes and compares the characteristics of student and nonstudent female victims of rape and sexual assault, the attributes and location of the victimization, and the characteristics of the offender.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Background Checks for Firearm Transfers, 2012: Statistical Tables

Categories: Crime/Justice,Guns,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Provides statistics on the number of applications for guns and the number of denials.  Includes details back to the passage of the Brady Act in 1994.   From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Capital Punishment, 2013, State Tables

Categories: Births/Deaths,Crime/Justice,Statistics

At the end of 2013 nearly 3,000 inmates were under sentence of death.  The number decreased for the 13th consecutive year.  39 executions were recorded with Texas accounting for 16.  Also includes offender characteristics, time between sentence imposition and execution, and methods of execution.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Hate Crime Statistics 2013

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Disability,Headlines,Religion/Ethics,Sex Issues,Statistics

Annual release of information about crimes related to bias categories of race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.  Includes data about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of the crimes.  Nearly 7,000 offenses were recorded in 2013.  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Correctional Education in Juvenile Justice Facilities

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education,Youth

Includes a Guidance Package and Additional Resources for improving the educational programs provided to 60,000 youths in local and state correctional facilities.  From the Education and Justice Departments.


Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program: Recommendations and Lessons Learned

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Science/Technology

Describes challenges and precautions that should be considered in implementing a body-worn camera program for police departments.  Based on a July 2013 survey of police departments.  From the Community Oriented Policing Services of the U.S. Department of Justice


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