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Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations


Third edition of the document that explains the rules and requirements relating to copyright registration and documentation of ownership.  From the U.S. Copyright Office


American Broadcasting Co Inc v. Aereo

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Headlines,Supreme Court/courts,Telecommunications/Internet

6-3 Supreme Court decision that Aereo is violating copyright law by transmitting television network programs via the Internet without paying for them. From the Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute


Amanda Blackhorse et al v. Pro-Football Inc

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Athletics/Exercise,Copyright/Patents,Headlines,Native Americans

Text of the decision to cancel the Washington professional football team’s trademarks, because they were disparaging to Native Americans when they were registered.  The decision covers only the right to register and not the right to use the trademarks in question.  From the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Authors Guild v. Hathitrust

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Headlines,Libraries/Museums,Supreme Court/courts

Ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit that the creation of a full-text searchable database of copyrighted works by Hathitrust is not a violation of the fair use doctrine of copyright law.  From Scribd


2014 Special 301 Report

Categories: China,Copyright/Patents,Foreign Trade/Investment,India,indonesia,Property Rights,Treaties,Turkey

Annual report on the importance of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement.  Places10 nations on the Priority Watch List and 27 others on the Watch List.  Countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Turkey have been listed every year since the reports began 25 years ago.  From the  Office of the U.S. Trade Representative


Author’s Guild: Amazon was Google’s Target

Categories: Congress,Copyright/Patents,Libraries/Museums,Supreme Court/courts


Press release from Author’s Guild in announcing an appeal of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals decision against their copyright infringement suit against Google.  Also calls upon Congress to create a National Digital Library, available on every campus and in every community, to display  full pages, not snippets, for out-of-print books.  From the Authors Guild


Music Licensing Study: Notice and Request for Public Comment

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations

Announces the initiation of a study to evaluate the effectiveness of existing methods of licensing music and calls for public comment.  From the U.S. Copyright Office


U.S. and China Drive International Patent Filing Growth in Record-Setting Year

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Statistics

Reports an all-time high number of international patent applications in 2013 under the Patent and Cooperation Treaty.  Patent applications grew by 5% to 205,300 in 2013.  With 57,000 applications, the U.S. was the international leader, with Japan second and China passing Germany for third.  From the World Intellectual Property Organization


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