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2016 Special 301 Report

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Foreign Trade/Investment,Headlines,Property Rights,Treaties

Annual U.S.publication on the global state of intellectual property rights protection and enforcement.  Discusses areas of progress and countries, such as China, placed on the Watch List because of trade secret theft, online piracy, and counterfeiting.  From the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative


What’s on Television? The Intersection of Communications and Copyright Policies

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Property Rights,Telecommunications/Internet

Reviews the evolution of programming since the 1950s, the regulatory structure that was created to protect property rights and promote competition, and whether that regulatory structure needs major changes in the age of online video distributors.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Cambridge University Press et al v. Georgia State University

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Education-Higher,Property Rights,Supreme Court/courts

Ruling of the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on the publisher lawsuit against Georgia State University over alleged copyright infringement relating to e-reserves.  Finds that 41 of the 48 cases were non-infringing fair uses.  From the Association of Research Libraries


The Making Available Right in the United States: A Report of the Register of Copyrights

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Property Rights,Treaties

Reports that current U.S. law provides the full scope of protection required by international treaties which empower copyright owners with the exclusive right to authorize on-demand transmission of their work to the public. Also provides historical context and legal background on how U.S. law implements the making available right. From the U.S. Copyright Office


White Paper on Remixes, First Sale, and Statutory Damages: Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Telecommunications/Internet

Offers recommendations on amending the Copyright Act to provide courts with more guidance and greater flexibility in awarding statutory damages and calls for Congress to create a small claims tribunal with caps on damage awards. From the Internet Policy Task Force of the U.S. Department of Commerce


Section 1201 Study: Exemptions to the Prohibition Against Circumvention of Technological Measures That Control Access to Copyrighted Works

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Science/Technology

The triennial rulemaking process which allows for consideration of proposals to grant additional exceptions to the prohibition against circumventing access controls to protect copyrighted works. From the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress


Section 512 Study: DMCA Safe Harbor Provisions

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Science/Technology

Notice in the Federal Register for public comments on the impact and effectiveness of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act safe harbor (limitations on copyright infringement liability) provisions. Consideration will be given to the costs and burdens of the notice and take-down process on large- and small-scale copyright owners, online service providers, and the general public. From the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress


U.S. Department of Education Launches Campaign to Encourage Schools to #GoOpen with Educational Resources

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Education,Laws/Regulations

Announces effort by federal government to encourage schools and educators to move away from traditional text books and use openly licensed educational materials. Includes proposal to require all copyrighted intellectual property created with department grant funds to have an open license. From the U.S. Department of Education


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