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DMCA Notice-and-Takedown Processes: List of Good, Bad, and Situational Practices

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Property Rights,Telecommunications/Internet

Presents a set of agreed upon practices, developed by stakeholders, aimed at improving the operation of the notice and takedown system under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  From the Internet Policy Task Force, posted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration


Telecoms Firms Lead WIPO International Patent Filings

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Science/Technology,United Nations

A report on international patent filing in 2014 when China and the U.S. accounted for 87% of the growth in filings.  From the World Intellectual Property Organization


2014 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Copyright/Patents,Foreign Trade/Investment,Property Rights

Lists online and physical marketplaces that engage in trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy. From the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative


Copyright and the Music Marketplace: A Report of the Register of Copyrights

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Property Rights

Identifies the shortcomings of the current methods of licensing music in the U.S. and offers an in-depth analysis of the law and industry practices, as well as a series of balanced recommendations to improve the music marketplace.  From the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress


Report and Recommendations of the Technical Upgrades Special Project Team

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Science/Technology

Assesses technological functionality and business strategies related to services of the U.S. Copyright Office.  Offers recommendations for improving the ability of the office to administer copyright registration, recordation, and statutory license services.  From the U.S. Copyright Office


Transforming Document Recordation at the United States Copyright Office

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums

Reviews the history and current paper-based state of copyright recording and recommends creation of an electronic system to replace it.  Makes 9 recommendations about the features and functions of such a system.  From the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress


Protection of Trade Secrets: Overview of Current Law and Legislation

Categories: Business/Economics,Copyright/Patents,Laws/Regulations,Spying/Intelligence

Describes what trade secrets are, why they are valuable, how they differ from patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and why legislation has been introduced to strengthen the federal role in protecting trade secrets.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Technische Universitat Darmstadt v. Eugen Ulmer

Categories: Copyright/Patents,European Union,Libraries/Museums

Decision of the European Court of Justice allowing libraries to digitize books in their collections without the consent of the copyright owner in order to make them available for reading on a dedicated computer.  The court also ruled that copyright owners must be compensated if library users want to print or capture the text on storage devices.  From the European Court of Justice


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