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Risks to Consumers Posed by Virtual Currencies

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Financial Crisis/Markets

Describes what virtual currencies like Bitcoin are, and what risks they pose for people who buy or use them.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


NOAA’s Updated Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook Calls for an Increased Chance of a Below-Normal Season

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Environment,Weather/Disasters

Latest prediction calls for a 70% chance of a below normal season for hurricanes along the U.S. Atlantic Coast because atmospheric and oceanic conditions that suppress cyclone formation have developed and will persist through the season.  From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Health/Medical

Discusses skin cancer incidence and mortality, risk factors, and how risks can be reduced.  Also discusses gaps in research and surveillance.  From the Office of the Surgeon General of the U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Services


Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage Among Adolescents, 2007-2013, and Postlicensure Vaccine Safety Monitoring, 2006-2014, United States

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Health/Medical,Statistics

Describes the vaccines that are available, progress in promoting vaccination, and vaccine safety measures. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


2014 Financial Literacy Annual Report

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Financial Crisis/Markets

Describes the agency’s financial literacy strategy and the activities undertaken over the past year to enhance financial literacy among the American public.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Community Partnership Guidebook for Libraries: How Libraries Can Build Relationships to Create Financial Education Programs for their Communities

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Financial Crisis/Markets,Libraries/Museums

A guidebook to help libraries connect with individuals and organizations to develop financial education programs for consumers.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Measuring Broadband America: 2014: A Report on Consumer Wireline Broadband Performance in the U.S.

Measures the network performance delivered to a representative sample of the population.  Finds that ISPs now deliver 101% of advertised speeds.  Reports on DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite-based services.  From the Federal Communications Commission



FDA and EPA Issue Updated Draft Advice for Fish Consumption

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Food/Nutrition!OpenDocument

Calls for pregnant and breast-feeding women and young children to eat more fish lower in mercury for developmental and health benefits.  From the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration


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