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GM Ignition Switch Recall: Why Did It Take So Long?

Contains list of documents in 64 binders obtained by congressional oversight committee about
General Motors safety defect which was hidden from the public for years.  From the House Energy and Commerce Committee


Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force Report on FracFocus 2.0

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Energy,Geology/Mining

Recommends actions that will improve the effectiveness of the public disclosure of chemical additives used in the fracking process for unconventional gas production.  Calls for full disclosure of constituents of fracturing fluids despite claims of trade secrets exemptions.  From the Department of Energy


Chronic Low-Back Pain and Complementary Health Approaches

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Health/Medical

Offers clinical guidelines, scientific literature and research spotlights relating to alternative treatment for lower back pain, such as yoga, acupuncture, massage, and spinal manipulation.  From the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Program Integrity: Gainful Employment

Categories: Careers,Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher,Laws/Regulations

Proposed rule that would establish measures for determining whether career colleges are preparing students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation and whether these colleges would remain eligible under federal student aid programs.  From the Federal Register


Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: CFPB Annual Report 2014

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Financial Crisis/Markets,Statistics

Provides background on the debt collection market, reports on the number and types of consumer complaints about debt collection received by the agency in 2013, and reviews the bureau’s oversight role and initiatives.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


CFPB Data Point: Payday Lending

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection

Reports findings of the agency study of pay loans.  Finds that most loans are quickly followed by a sequence of  loans, usually for larger sums and such patterns lead to higher default rates. From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Consumer Expenditures in 2011

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Reports that consumer spending increased for the first time in three years with average annual expenditures at $49,705, up 3.3% from the previous year.  Shows average annual expenditures by various categories of spending such as housing, food, transportation and so on.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Program Integrity: Gainful Employment

Categories: Careers,Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher,Laws/Regulations

Announces intention to propose rules that educational institutions must meet if they sponsor programs which prepare students for employment in certain occupations.  Failure to meet the rules might end their eligibility to participate in federal student aid programs. The rules are intended to protect students from poor-performing career colleges.  From the U.S. Education Department


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