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China’s Hunger for U.S. Planes and Cars: Assessing the Risks

Categories: China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Transportation

U.S. trade deficits with China are being lowered due to increasing U.S. exports in transportation goods, but this report warns of possible future problems due to technology transfer and Chinese industrial policy.  From the U.S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission


Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976: Volume XXXV, National Security Policy, 1973-1976

Categories: China,Communism,Foreign Affairs,History,Russia

Focuses on the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy, especially with regard to the USSR and China.  Also covers the role of intelligence in the policy process and the CIA’s secret mission to raise a Soviet submarine which had sunk in the Pacific Ocean.  From the State Department



The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Information Warfare

Categories: China,Defense/Military,Spying/Intelligence,Telecommunications/Internet

Explains how the Chinese Army is revising its operational doctrine to meet what it sees as the new mode of integrated operations and information warfare in the modern world.  From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College


China Country Analysis Brief

Categories: China,Energy,Statistics

Latest energy report on the world’s leading producer and consumer of energy.  From the Energy Information Administration


The Surprisingly Swift Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment

Categories: China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Explores the link between the sharp drop in U.S. manufacturing employment beginning in 2001 and  a change in U.S. trade policy that eliminated potential tariff increases on Chinese imports.  From the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve


International Trade and Finance: Key Policy Issues for the 113th Congress, Second Session

Categories: China,Copyright/Patents,Foreign Trade/Investment,Treaties

Updates trade and finance issues facing Congress such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, disagreements with China over fair trade issues, export controls, intellectual property issues, and more.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


2013 Report to Congress on China’s WTO Compliance

Categories: China,Foreign Trade/Investment,Treaties,United Nations

Latest report on U.S. view of China’s compliance with World Trade Organization standards in 9 areas with major concern focused on the government’s role in directing China’s economy and the persistence of market barriers to foreign goods.  From the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative


Formulation of the One-Child Policy in China

Categories: Children,China,Laws/Regulations

An informal survey of the history and formulation of the one-child policy in China.  From In Custodia Legis, the blog of the Law Library of Congress


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