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Hong Kong: One Country, Two Systems?

Categories: China,Democracy/Peace,Elections/Campaigns

Brief summary of the controversy surrounding the election in Hong Kong.  From the European Parliamentary Research Service


Universal Suffrage to Elect the Next Chief Executive of Hong Kong in 2017: A Legal Primer

Categories: China,Elections/Campaigns,Great Britain

Reviews the legal context behind protests in Hong Kong relating to 2017 elections for Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China and obligations of the United Kingdom.   From the House of Commons Library


East China Sea

Categories: China,Energy,Japan,Statistics

Describes the strategic location of the East China Sea and the potential oil and gas deposits that have made it a point of contention between China and Japan.  From the  Energy Information Administration


Phosphate Resources

Categories: Africa,Agriculture/Rural Issues,China,Food/Nutrition,Great Britain,Science/Technology

Describes the importance of phosphates for food security, the location of dwindling reserves, and ways in which dependence on mineral reserves could be reduced. From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents: 2013

Categories: China,Immigration/Migration,India,Mexico,Statistics

Reports the number and characteristics of persons who became LPRs in the U.S. during 2013.  990,000 people gained LPR status in 2013 with Mexico, China and India the leading countries of birth.  From the Office of Immigration Statistics of the Department of Homeland Security


Annual Report to Congress: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China, 2014

Categories: Asia,China,Defense/Military,Science/Technology

Sees Chinese military development focused on potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait and the South and East China Seas.  Also analyzes the current and probable future development of Chinese military-technological development and U.S.-China cooperation on security matters.  From the Defense Department


Tiananmen at 25 Years

Categories: China,Communism,History,Youth

A collection of 25 documents revealing disagreements among Chinese political and military leaders about cracking down on student protesters in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 protests.   Obtained from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and released under the Freedom of Information Act.  From the National Security Archive.


China and the United States: A Comparison of Green Energy Programs and Policies

Categories: China,Energy,Laws/Regulations

Discusses China’s efforts to create a national policy for relying on renewable energy resources.  Also compares existing laws, programs, and incentives in China and the U.S.   From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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