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Commission Staff Working Document: A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe: Analysis and Evidence

Categories: Business/Economics,European Union,Foreign Trade/Investment,Telecommunications/Internet

Sections on policy context, online access to goods and services across Europe, conditions for digital networks and services to develop, and investing in the digital single market.  From the European Commission



A Digital Single Market for Europe: Commission Sets Out 16 Initiatives to Make it Happen

Categories: Business/Economics,European Union,Foreign Trade/Investment,Telecommunications/Internet

Press release which describes 16 initiatives to bring about a single market where 28 national markets now exist.  From the European Commission


Corporate Tax Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS): An Examination of the Data

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment,Taxes

Examines the magnitude of profit shifting by U.S. corporations to evade taxes and policy options for reducing such shenanigans.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The Value of the American Community Survey: Smart Government, Competitive Businesses, and Informed Citizens

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Housing/Homelessness,Population/Census

Explains the purpose and value of the ACS in collecting economic, social, demographic, and housing information at a time when Congress is threatening to curtail the program in the name of cost-cutting.  From the Economic and Statistics Administration of the Department of Commerce


Demographic Characteristics of Business Owners and Employees: 2013

Categories: Business/Economics,Education,Labor/Employment,Marriage/Family,Statistics,Veterans

Compares business owner characteristics—age, gender, race, ethnicity, veteran status, marital status, education and so forth—to characteristics of employees in the U.S. economy.  From the U. S. Small Business Administration


Arts and Cultural Contributions to the Creative Economy

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Business/Economics,Statistics

Defines the creative economy as value added by industries identified as “copyright intensive” and asserts that copyright-intensive industries contributed $869 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012.   The production of arts and cultural goods accounted for half or $433 billion.  From the National Endowment for the Arts


The Economics of Early Childhood Investments

Categories: Business/Economics,Children,Education,Govt Finance

Attempts to estimate the economic benefits  to investments in early childhood development and education.  Suggests that for every $1 dollar of investment in early learning initiatives, society would derive $8.60 worth of benefits.   From the Council of Economic Advisers


U. S. Net International Investment Position: End of the Fourth Quarter and Year 2014

Categories: Business/Economics,Financial Crisis/Markets,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics

U.S. net international investment position was -6,915.3 billion as the value of U.S. liabilities exceeded the value of U.S. assets.   Table shows detailed breakdown by type of investment.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


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