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Gross Domestic Product by State: Fourth Quarter and Annual 2016

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

Real GDP increased in every state in the fourth quarter of 2016 from 3.4% in Texas to a trace in Kansas and Mississippi.  For the year real GDP growth slowed to 1.5% ranging from +3.7% in Washington to -6.5% in North Dakota.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


Gross Domestic Product by Industry: Fourth Quarter and Annual 2016

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

Finds that GDP increased by 1.6% in 2016 from the 2015 level.  Growth was widespread with 19 of 22 industry groups contributing to the increase.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


2017 Capital Spending Report: U.S. Capital Spending Patterns 2006-2015

Categories: Business/Economics,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Information on expenditures for all new and used structures and equipment by all U.S nonfarm businesses.  Shows trends by business sectors.  From the Census Bureau


S.960 – Preserving Data in Government Act of 2017

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Information,Laws/Regulations,Science/Technology

Press release about bill introduced in Senate to require that federal agencies preserve public access to databases and datasets created with taxpayer funding.  From the office of Cory Gardner, U.S. Senator from Colorado


California Takes Top Three Spots in Employment Growth Among Large Counties

Categories: Business/Economics,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Agency press release which provides highlights of employment gains in U.S. counties including highest growth rate.  Also covers county information about largest payrolls and number of establishments. Accompanies release of County Business Patterns and Zip Code Business Patterns for 2015 under Data tab.    From the Census Bureau


Cuba: U.S. Policy in the 115th Congress

Categories: Business/Economics,Cuba,Foreign Trade/Investment

Speculates on the policy toward Cuba under the new administration and examines congressional legislation relating to economic sanctions on Cuba.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account, U.S. and States 2014

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Business/Economics,Statistics

Reports that arts and cultural economic activity grew by an inflation-adjusted figure of 1.9% in 2014.  Such activity accounted for 2.4% of GDP in the U.S.  Provides limited details by state and type of arts activity.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis

The 2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Headlines,Medicare/Medicaid,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Finds that U.S. federal debt held by the public is now at 77% of GDP, the highest level since shortly after World War II.  If current laws remain unchanged, the debt will rise sharply over the next 30 years to 150% of GDP.  The report also discusses the demographic and economic trends that underlie the long-term projections.  From the Congressional Budget Office


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