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Updated Death and Injury Rates of U.S. Military Personnel During the Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Categories: Afghanistan,Births/Deaths,Defense/Military,Health/Medical,Iraq,Statistics

Provides information about the casualties suffered by U.S. forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, including deaths, wounded, and amputation rates.  Working Paper from the Congressional Budget Office


Births Resulting From Assisted Reproductive Technology: Comparing Birth Certificate and National ART Surveillance System Data, 2011

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Science/Technology,Statistics

Compares data on births resulting from assisted reproductive technology procedures from 2011 birth certificates with data from the National ART Surveillance System.   From the National Center for Health Statistics


Capital Punishment, 2013, State Tables

Categories: Births/Deaths,Crime/Justice,Statistics

At the end of 2013 nearly 3,000 inmates were under sentence of death.  The number decreased for the 13th consecutive year.  39 executions were recorded with Texas accounting for 16.  Also includes offender characteristics, time between sentence imposition and execution, and methods of execution.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics


Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults, United States, 2005-2013

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Prices/Inflation,Smoking/Tobacco,Statistics

Examines the cost in deaths and health care expenditures from tobacco smoking and the progress made in convincing adults to stop smoking cigarettes, the most commonly used tobacco product in the U.S.  From the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Births in the United States, 2013

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

The number of U.S. births declined in 2013 for the sixth straight year.  This report presents data on key demographic maternal and infant health indicators, including birth rate trends, general fertility rates, cesarean delivery rates, and trends in preterm and twin births.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted 2013

Categories: Births/Deaths,Crime/Justice,Statistics

Covers both deliberate and accidental fatalities.  76 died in the line of duty in 2013, 27 as a result of felonious acts.  Also covers weapons used and assignments pursued when death occurred.  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Trends in Fetal and Perinatal Mortality in the United States, 2006-2012

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

Examines trends in stillbirths by race and Hispanic origin and by state.   From the National Center for Health Statistics


United States Life Tables, 2010

Categories: Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

The average life expectancy at birth in 2010 was 78.7 years and the life expectation increased for all groups: by gender and race.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


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