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Antitrust: European Commission Opens Proceedings Against Microsoft to Investigate Possible Non-Compliance with Browser Choice Commitments

Categories: Antitrust/Monopoly,Business/Economics,European Union,Science/Technology

Accuses Microsoft of failing to live up to 2009 commitments to offer customers a choice of browsers when purchasing computers with Microsoft operating systems.  Provides links to past documents in the litigation between Microsoft and the European Union agency.  From the European Commission


Cybersecurity: Selected Legal Issues

This report discusses selected legal issues related to recent legislation about vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure to cyber threats and proposals to share cyber threat information among private sector and government entities.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Spectrum Policy in the Age of Broadband: Issues for Congress

Categories: Antitrust/Monopoly,Laws/Regulations,Science/Technology,Telecommunications/Internet

The convergence of wireless telecommunications technology with the Internet is fostering new demands for service and new technologies.  This report discusses key spectrum policy provisions in current Congressional bills relating to spectrum auctions, competition,  and the development of new technologies.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Applications of AT&T Inc, and Deutsche Telekom AG for Consent to Assign or Transfer Control of Licenses and Authorizations

Categories: Antitrust/Monopoly,Business/Economics,Laws/Regulations,Telecommunications/Internet

Finding of the Federal Communications Commission that the proposed $39 billion merger of AT&T and T-Mobile would substantially lessen competition in the wireless industry and harm consumer price and service benefits.  From the FCC


Agreements Filed with the Federal Trade Commission under the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003

Categories: Antitrust/Monopoly,Health/Medical,Manufacturing,Statistics

Provide statistics on the number and type of so-called pay-for-delay agreements between prescription drug manufacturers and makers of generic drugs.  From the Federal Trade Commission


Local Information Programming and the Structure of Television Markets

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Antitrust/Monopoly,Property Rights,Telecommunications/Internet

Examines how the ownership structure in a television market impacts the quantity of local news and public affairs programming provided by television stations.  From the Federal Communications Commission



The Information Needs of Communities: The Changing Media Landscape in a Broadband Age

Examines changes from technology in information media which have brought more diversity,  less accountability, and the need for regulatory changes.   Surveys the local media landscape including newspapers, radio, TV, Internet, public broadcasting, and libraries.  From the Federal Communications Commission


Authors Guild v. Google

Categories: Antitrust/Monopoly,Copyright/Patents,Headlines,Science/Technology

District court decision which rejected the proposed Google Book Settlement which the court felt would reward  Google for engaging in wholesale copying of copyrighted works without permission.  From the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

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