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Recommendations Concerning the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Virginia

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Recommends that the Governor direct the Virginia Substance Abuse Services Council to continue its study of medical marijuana and of legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and the social, public safety, legal, and economic effects.  Calls for final report to be submitted by December 1, 2015.  From the Substance Abuse Services Council


Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Headlines,Statistics,Traffic Accidents,Transportation

Tries to measure the severity of drug-impaired driving problems.  Finds  that marijuana users are more likely to be involved in traffic crashes but such users are more likely to be young men, a group already at high risk for accidents.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Results of the 2013-2014 National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use by Drivers

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Headlines,Statistics,Traffic Accidents,Transportation

Reveals a decreasing trend in alcohol-impaired driving from the first survey in 1973 to the most recent in 2013-14.  Also discusses trends in the use of over-the-counter, prescription, and illegal drugs by drivers.  Expresses concern about the number of drivers affected by marijuana use.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Behavioral Health Barometer, Virginia 2014

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Mental Health,Statistics,Virginia Issues

One of a series of state profiles that cover youth and adult smoking, drinking, and substance abuse problems, and mental health issues.  From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Behavioral Health Barometer, United States 2014

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Mental Health,Statistics

Provides data about behavioral healthcare issues affecting American communities including rates of serious mental illness, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, underage drinking, and the percentages of those seeking treatment for these disorders.   From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


Alcohol Poisoning Deaths

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

Reports that an average of 6 people per day during 2010-2012 died of alcohol poisoning caused by binge drinking.  From the National Center for Health Statistics




Monitoring the Future Survey: Overview of Findings 2014

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Headlines,Health/Medical,Statistics,Youth

Describes results of latest annual survey of  illicit drug use and attitudes among American 8th, 10th, and 12th graders.  Finds decreasing use of alcohol, cigarettes, and misuse of prescription pain relievers.  From the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the University of Michigan


Prevalence of Alcohol Dependence Among U.S. Adult Drinkers, 2009-2011

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Health/Medical,Statistics

Finds that most excessive drinkers did not meet the criteria for alcohol dependence.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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