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Treasury Secretary Lew Announces Front of New $20 to Feature Harriet Tubman

Categories: African Americans,Civil/Human Rights,Govt Finance,Headlines,Women

Announces plans for changes to the $20, $10, and $5 bills with the portrait of Harriet Tubman to be featured on the new $20 bill and other features dedicated to civil rights and suffrage movements on the reverse of the $10 and $5 bills.  Includes complete text of letter following press release.  From the Treasury Department



Consent Decree: United States of America v . City of Ferguson

Categories: African Americans,Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Lengthy court document which spells out the details of reforms to be undertaken by the City of Ferguson, Missouri in resolving the lawsuit brought by the U.S. government against the city to ensure the protection of constitutional and other legal rights of all members of the community. From the Justice Department


Justice Department and City of Ferguson, Missouri, Resolve Lawsuit with Agreement to Reform Ferguson Police Department and Municipal Court to Ensure Constitutional Policing

Categories: African Americans,Civil/Human Rights,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Describes terms of agreement between the U.S. Justice Department and the city of Ferguson, Missouri resolving the federal lawsuit against the city. Describes the areas of reform agreed to by the city including community policing and engagement, bias-free police and court practices, and creating a Civilian Review Board for oversight. From the Justice Department


Rosa Parks Collection is Now Online

Categories: African Americans,Civil/Human Rights,Libraries/Museums,Women

Agency press release about the online availability of a collection of more than 7,000 manuscripts and 2,500 photographs relating to the life of Rosa Parks, credited with launching the modern civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus in 1955. From the Library of Congress


Number of Minority- and Women-Owned Firms Each Increase by More than 2 Million Nationally

Categories: African Americans,Asian Americans,Business/Economics,Hispanics,Native Americans,Statistics,Women

Los Angeles County led the nation in the number of Hispanic-, Asian-, and American Indian and Alaska Native-owned firms in 2012 and ranked second in the number of African American-owned firms. Shows an overall rise of minority-owned firms from 5.8 million in 2007 to 8.0 million in 2012. From the Census Bureau


Leading Causes of Death Contributing to Decrease in Life Expectancy Gap Between Black and White Populations: United States, 1999-2013

Categories: African Americans,Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

The difference in life expectancy between the U.S. white and black populations was 5.9 years in 1999 but decreased to 3.6 years in 2013. This report explores the differences in causes of death to determine how they contribute to the decreasing gap. From the National Center for Health Statistics


School Composition and the Black-White Achievement Gap

Categories: African Americans,Education,Statistics,Tests/Assessments

Examines the proportion of Black students enrolled in schools and its relation to the Black-White achievement gap. This first study of its kind focuses on math achievement at the Grade 8 level. From the National Center for Education Statistics


Reported Child Health Status, Hispanic Ethnicity, and Language of Interview: United States, 2011-2012

Categories: African Americans,Children,Health/Medical,Hispanics,Statistics

Looks at the health status of four subgroups of school-age children: Hispanic with an English interview, Hispanic with a Spanish interview, and non-Hispanic black and white chidren. Tries to determine if characteristics of children account for subgroup variations in reported health status. From the National Center for Health Statistics


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