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The CAESAR, POLO, and ESAU Papers

Categories: China,Communism,History,Russia,Spying/Intelligence

A series of declassified documents relating to analyses of Chinese and Soviet internal politics and relations from the 1950s through the mid-1970s.  From the Central Intelligence Agency


New U.S. Census Bureau Data Links College Degrees and Earnings

Categories: Careers,Education-Higher,Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Press release which announces first release of data sets on labor market outcomes for college graduates.  The graduate earnings data provide national statistics on annual earnings for graduates by major field, degree level, institution, and graduation cohort.  Includes links to data sets.  From the Census Bureau


Preparation and Support for Teachers in Public Schools: Reflections on the First Year of Teaching

Categories: Careers,Education,Statistics

Examines early career teacher support by selected school characteristics.  Research suggests teacher improvement with experience if teachers are encouraged to stay in the profession. From the National Center for Education Statistics


Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2017

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Children,Crime/Justice,Education,Education-Higher,Headlines,Statistics

Covers 23 indicators such as violent deaths, bullying, weapons, fights, victimization, presence of security officers, school conditions, discipline and use of alcohol/drugs by students.  Covers nearly 750,000 reported victimizations.  From the National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Justice Statistics


2016 Virginia Toxics Release Inventory Report: Summary of Data from 2016 Industry Reports

Categories: Environment,Laws/Regulations,Statistics,Virginia Issues,Waste Management

For calendar year 2016, Virginia businesses filed 1,345 individual reports on the release, transfer, or management of 909 million pounds of 153 toxic chemicals.  The 2016 totals represent a 5.8% increase, compared to 2015, of chemicals being released or managed onsite.  From the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality


Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications: Highlights of a Forum

Categories: Crime/Justice,Financial Crisis/Markets,Homeland Security,Science/Technology,Transportation

Participants from industry, government, academia, and nonprofit organizations considered the potential implications of AI developments in four areas: cybersecurity, automated vehicles, criminal justice, and financial services.  From the Government Accountability Office


Characteristics of Minimum Wage Workers, 2017

Categories: Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Presents highlights and statistics about the workers who earned at or below the federal minimum wage in 2017 including demographic characteristics, education, marital status, occupation, industry, full or part-time work status, and state of residence.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Employment Situation of Veterans

Categories: Disability,Labor/Employment,Statistics,Veterans

The unemployment rate for veterans who served since 9/11 was 4.5% in 2017.  Includes information on veterans by age, gender, race/ethnicity, educational attainment, period of service, disability status and more.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


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