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Justice Department Reaches Agreement with City of Baltimore to Reform Police Department’s Unconstitutional Practices

Press release summarizing key points to consent decree with Baltimore city officials to resolve findings of federal investigation that the city’s police department engaged in practices that violate the Constitution.  Includes links to text  and Consent Decree Fact Sheet.  From the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department


How Repealing Portions of the Affordable Care Act Would Affect Health Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Categories: Headlines,Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations

Predicts that if the law’s mandate penalties and subsidies are eliminated but the insurance marketplace reforms are retained, the number of uninsured people would increase to 32 million and premiums would double by 2026.  Provides updated estimates from the repeal plan proposed by GOP legislators in 2015.  From the Congressional Budget Office

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Perspectives on Research in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence Relevant to DoD

Categories: Defense/Military,Science/Technology

Distinguishes between artificial intelligence—the ability of computers to perform tasks that humans do with their brains, and artificial general intelligence—the human-like ability to pursue long-term goals and purposes.  Assesses the promise and problems in developing such tools for military purposes.  From the JASON Program Office


Strengthening Networks, Sparking Change: Museums and Libraries as Community Catalysts

Categories: Arts/Humanities,Libraries/Museums

A handbook for libraries and museums on how to partner with community-based organizations, government agencies, and other cultural and educational organizations to promote improved community wellbeing.  From the Institute of Museum and Library Services


Biennial Budgeting: Issues, Options, and Congressional Actions

Categories: Congress,Govt Finance

Discusses proposals for changing the U.S. government to a two year budgeting cycle, the advantages from proponents, and the disadvantages from opponents.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


GPO Style Manual

Categories: Govt Information

Subtitled: An official guide to the form and style of Federal Government publishing.  From the Government Publishing Office’s Govinfo repository

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