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Trends in Emergency Department Visits Involving Mental and Substance Use Disorders, 2006-2013

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Health/Medical,Mental Health,Statistics

Presents data on trends in the rate of emergency department visits involving substance use disorders, depression, anxiety or stress reactions, and psychoses or bipolar disorders. From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Quarterly Release of Newly Digitized Foreign Relations Volumes

Categories: Arms Control,Foreign Affairs,History,Japan,Russia

Press release which announces the availability of 20 more digitized volumes of the Foreign Relations of the U. S. historical series.  The latest release covers volumes from 1932 through 1935 and a volume on the Soviet Union, 1933-1939.  From the Office of the Historian, Department of State


Options for Reducing the Deficit: 2017 to 2026

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Statistics,Taxes

Presents 115 options that would decrease federal spending or increase federal revenues over the next decade.  Also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of those options.  From the Congressional Budget Office


The Federal Anti-Nepotism Statute: Limits on Appointing, Hiring, and Promoting Relatives

Categories: Govt Personnel,Govt Processes/Organization,Labor/Employment,Laws/Regulations

Explains what the statute says and to whom it applies, the history behind efforts to restrict nepotism, and limitations on enforcement.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Transition Guide

Categories: Govt Processes/Organization,Presidency,Religion/Ethics$FILE/Transition%20Guide%20Print%20Version.pdf

Offers guidance in the process of setting up the new presidential administration.  Sections on presidential nominees, establishing procedures, ethics in the new administration, and a list of resources.  From the Office of Government Ethics


Characteristics of the U.S. Population by Generational Status: 2013

Categories: Education-Higher,Immigration/Migration,Income/Poverty,Population/Census,Statistics

First-ever type report which examines differences among the foreign-born or “first generation,” the second generation (native born with at least one foreign-born parent), and subsequent generations with native born parents.  Finds that members of the second generation were more likely to be college-educated and have higher incomes than the first or subsequent generations.


2014 Statistics of U.S. Businesses

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

Press release which announces single-year estimates of the number of firms, number of establishments, employment, and annual payroll by county and metro area.  Includes links to statistical tables and data sets.  From the Census Bureau


Vaccination Coverage Among Adults With Diagnosed Diabetes: United States 2015

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics

Describes the receipt of needed vaccinations, such as influenza, pneumococcal, shingles, and hepatitis B, among adults with diagnosed diabetes by sex, age, race, ethnicity, and poverty status.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


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