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Consent Decree Among Defendant BP Exploration and Production, the United States of America, and the States of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas

Categories: Crime/Justice,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Supreme Court/courts

Text of consent decree issued in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana which ends the six year saga of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and imposes the largest environmental penalty of all time on BP Energy.  From the Justice Department


Fact Sheet: Treasury Issues Inversion Regulations and Proposed Earnings Stripping Regulations

Categories: Business/Economics,Headlines,Taxes

Announces new regulations aimed at stopping inversions in which U.S. firms are merged with foreign firms to reduce U.S. taxes.  The latest proposed rules are aimed at “earnings stripping” where the U.S. subsidiary takes out a loan from the parent foreign company and then deducts interest payments from its taxable income.  From the Treasury Department


The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment

Examines how climate change is already affecting human health and the changes that may occur in the future.  Includes chapters on temperature-related death and illness, air quality impacts, extreme weather events, vector-borne diseases, water-related illness, food safety, and mental health.  From the White House and the U.S. Global Change Research Program


Evenwel v. Abbott

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Population/Census,Supreme Court/courts

Unanimous Supreme Court decision that states may apportion districts by total population.  A conservative group in Texas sought to have the one-person, one-vote principle of the 1962 Baker v. Carr decision interpreted as including only persons eligible to vote.  From the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University