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Egypt Under Sisi

Categories: Arab,Egypt,Great Britain

Examines the current situation in Egypt including the repression of the Muslim Brotherhood, the changing of the Constitution, and the level of popularity of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi among the Egyptian people. House of Commons Briefing Paper Number 7146.


EPA Announces National Enforcement Initiatives for Coming Years

Categories: Energy,Environment,Natural Resources,Waste Management!OpenDocument

Announces seven enforcement initiatives for fiscal years 2017-2019 to respond to national pollution challenges. From the Environmental Protection Agency


Trends in Bilateral and Unilateral Mastectomies in Hospital Inpatient and Ambulatory Settings, 2005-2013

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics,Women

Between 2005 and 2013 the overall rate of mastectomy increased 36%. This report provides details and trends on characteristics of mastectomies by hospital setting and reasons for choice of treatment by women. From the National Center for Health Statistics

Categories: Govt Information,Telecommunications/Internet

Site for showing how people are interacting with federal agency websites. Shows how many people are currently accessing government websites and the pages that are being viewed the most. Covers many, but not all federal sites. From


Volunteering in the United States: 2015

Categories: Statistics,Volunteering

The volunteer rate declined by 0.4% to a 24.9% participation level. Provides details on volunteering by race, ethnicity, gender, age, marriage status, education level, and employment status. Also covers main volunteer activities and types of organizations. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Gross Domestic Product: Fourth Quarter 2015 and Annual 2015

Categories: Business/Economics,Manufacturing,Statistics

GDP advanced 1% in the fourth quarter and by 2.4% in 2015 over the annual level 2014 figure. Provides detailed breakdowns of the contribution from each sector of the economy. From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


Women’s Earnings by Occupation from the 2014 American Community Survey

Categories: Income/Poverty,Labor/Employment,Statistics,Women

Interim page with links to tables showing median earnings by detailed occupation and ratios indicating the percentage of women in an occupation, and the male-to-female earnings ratio in the occupation for full-time workers. From the Census Bureau


Annual Capital Expenditures: 2014

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics

U. S. businesses invested $1.6 trillion in new and used buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment, up 7% from 2013. The oil and gas extraction and mining industries had the highest levels of investment. Breaks down investment levels by business sectors. From the Census Bureau.


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