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International Migration Flows To and From Selected Countries: the 2015 Revision

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Statistics,United Nations

A dataset with annual data on the flows of migrants as recorded by the countries of destination. Presents both inflows and outflows according to place of birth, citizenship, or previous residence. From the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


International Migration Report 2015

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Statistics,United Nations

Latest quinquennial estimates of the international migrant stock for 232 countries or areas from 2000 to 2015. An annex provides further information on percentage of migrants in total population, percentage of female migrants, median age of migrants and more. From the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Building Resiliency in Response to Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding: Comprehensive Planning in Hampton Roads

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Virginia Issues,Weather/Disasters

Discusses the General Assembly mandate to Hampton Roads communities to incorporate strategies within their comprehensive planning to mitigate sea level rise and recurrent flooding. Describes some measures adopted by governments, businesses, and households in response to the mandate. From the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia


Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Impacts to Roadways in Hampton Roads: Draft

Categories: Climate Change,Transportation,Virginia Issues,Weather/Disasters

Hampton Roads is second only to New Orleans in terms of vulnerability to sea level rise in the U.S. This is a first draft version of a GIS-based flooding vulnerability analysis for potential sea level rise and storm surge impacts to regional roadways by 2045. From the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization


Population Estimates for Virginia, Its Counties and Its Cities: 2015

Categories: Population/Census,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Officials population estimates for the state, counties, cities, metro areas, and planning districts. Links to data tables provide information about population as of July 1, 2015 and population increase/percentage change since the 2010 Census. From the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia


Medicaid Managed Care: Trends in Federal Spending and State Oversight of Costs and Enrollment

Categories: Federal State Relations,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Medicare/Medicaid

Analyzes federal expenditures under the Affordable Care Act for Medicaid managed care and the range in state payments made to managed care organizations (MCOs), selected states’ standards and how they compare with federal standards, and selected states’ methods for assigning Medicaid beneficiaries to MCOs. From the Government Accountability Office


Preventable Tragedies: Superbugs and How Ineffective Monitoring of Medical Device Safety Fails Patients

Categories: Congress,Health/Medical

Reports the results of an investigation into the cause of and response to outbreaks of antibiotic resistant infections linked to medical devices called duodenoscopes at hospitals nationwide. Calls for legislative and regulatory changes. From the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions


Depression in Adults: Screening: Final Recommendation Statement

Categories: Health/Medical,Mental Health,Women

Statement which recommends screening for depression in the general adult population, including pregnant and postpartum women, at the primary care level. Calls for adequate systems to ensure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and appropriate follow-up. Includes rationale, clinical considerations, and a lengthy discussion section. From the U.S. Preventive Services


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