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Earl Gregg Swem Library

Adults Meeting Fruit and Vegetable Intake Recommendations, United States, 2013

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,Statistics

Discussion and statistics on fruit and vegetable daily intake needs.  Table shows percentage of residents by state meeting federal fruit and vegetable intake recommendations.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Fixing the Foundations: Creating a More Prosperous Nation

Categories: Business/Economics,Great Britain,Labor/Employment

Plan of the conservative government to improve the British economy by raising productivity levels to those of the U.S.  Parliamentary Command Paper Cm9098


Agreement on Iran’s Nuclear Capabilities

Categories: Great Britain,Iran,Nuclear Energy,Treaties

Describes the background and provisions of the deal which commits Iran to reducing its stockpile of enriched uranium and limiting further enrichment activities in exchange for sanctions relief.  From the House of Lords Library


The Year in Trade 2014: Operation of the Trade Agreements Program …

Categories: Foreign Trade/Investment,Laws/Regulations,Statistics,Treaties,United Nations

Latest in a series of annual reports presented to Congress on trade policy and all activities relating to the administration of international trade agreements.  The country continued to run a deficit on trade in goods and a surplus on trade in services.  From the U.S. International Trade Commission


Science and Engineering State Profiles

Categories: Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Science/Technology,Statistics

An interactive site that provides access to state-level data on science and engineering personnel, finances, and state rankings.  Displays up to 10 state profiles of the user’s choice.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


USGS Arctic Science Strategy 2015-2020

Categories: Arctic/Antarctic,Climate Change,Environment,Science/Technology

Describes U.S. goals and priorities for resource management in the Arctic region as it undergoes dramatic changes from global warming.  From the U.S. Geological Survey


Analysis of Storm-Tide Impacts From Hurricane Sandy in New York

Categories: Science/Technology,Weather/Disasters

Presents comparisons of Hurricane Sandy’s peak storm-tide elevations to selected historical storms and annual exceedance probabilities as well as other storm-surge magnitude information.  From the U.S. Geological Survey and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.