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Rescission of Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Categories: Cuba,Foreign Affairs,Terrorism

Official announcement that Cuba has been removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism as of 5/29/2015.  From the State Department


Foreign Assistance Evaluations

Categories: Foreign Assistance

New interactive database that allows researchers to look for summaries or possibly full texts of unclassified evaluations of U.S. foreign assistance projects by federal officials.  From the State Department


Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence: Report and Final Recommendations

Categories: Crime/Justice,Education-Higher,Headlines,Sex Issues,Virginia Issues,Women

Offers 21 recommendations under 5 broad themes to prevent campus sexual assaults, to make certain that victims feel safe and are willing to report the crime, and to make certain that justice is sought against offenders.  From the Office of the Attorney General


Characteristics of Hospital Stays for Super-Utilizers by Payer, 2012

Categories: Govt Finance,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Statistics

Studies the characteristics of hospital stays by a relatively small number of individuals who consume a large share of health care resources in order to find ways to improve delivery and management of their care to reduce costs.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Factors Affecting Former Residents’ Returning to Rural Communities

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Immigration/Migration,Statistics

This study reports on the factors that influence decisions to move back to rural areas and the impacts that return migrants make on home communities. From the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture


Economic Burden of Major Foodborne Illnesses Acquired in the United States

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,Statistics

About 48 million people in the U.S. fall victim annually to foodborne illnesses.  This report summarizes recent estimates that 9.4 million of these illnesses that can be traced to 15 pathogens and impose a $15 billion annual economic burden. From the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture


Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2016 …

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Science/Technology

Includes the research agenda, recen achievements, and future priorities.  From the U.S. Global Change Research Program


Congressional Statistics

Categories: Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Data on major Social Security programs (OASDI and SSI) for each state and Congressional district.  Covers total number of persons receiving benefits and the amount of total  monthly payments made to persons.  From the Social Security Administration


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