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Community Water Fluoridation: One of CDC’s “10 Great Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century”

Categories: Health/Medical,History,Laws/Regulations

Celebrates the benefits of fluoridation of community water systems in reducing the incidence of tooth decay on the 70th anniversary of the first implementation in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Also explains the reasons behind the first revision in fluoride recommendations since 1962.  From the Surgeon General in Public Health Reports


HHS Issues Final Recommendation for Community Water Fluoridation

Categories: Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Press release with information about revised recommendation for water fluoridation and reasons for revision.  Recommends a single level  of 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water replacing the previous range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams issued in 1962. From the Department of Health and Human Services


Public School Teacher Attrition and Mobility in the First Five Years … First Look

Categories: Careers,Education,Labor/Employment,Marriage/Family,Statistics

Survey that shows how life events, school or district characteristics, change of grade assignments, etc. affect their decisions to continue in or leave the teaching profession.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


The Nation’s Report Card: 2014 U.S. History, Geography and Civics at Grade 8

Categories: Education,Statistics,Tests/Assessments

Presents Grade 8 results for the 2014 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in history, geography, and civics.  Describes progress or lack of progress over various test applications.  From the National Center for Education Statistics


Advance Directives: Information on Federal Oversight, Provider Implementation, and Prevalence

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations,Medicare/Medicaid,Religion/Ethics

Examines how the federal government oversees the use of patient advance directives by providers of patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid as required by the Patient Self Determination Act, what is known about the approaches used and challenges encountered, and what is known about the prevalence of advance directives and variations by provider types and patient demographics.  From the Government Accountability Office


Fair Use Index

Categories: Copyright/Patents,Supreme Court/courts

Aims to make the principles and application of fair use in copyright matters more understandable to the public by presenting a searchable database of court opinions.  Provides a brief summary of the facts of the case, the relevant questions presented, and the court’s determination as to whether the contested use was fair.  From the U.S. Copyright Office of the Library of Congress


Productivity and Costs by Industry: Manufacturing and Mining Industries, 2014

Categories: Geology/Mining,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Labor productivity—output per hour—increased in three-quarters of detailed manufacturing and mining industries in 2014, higher than in 2013.  Unit labor costs declined in 53% of manufacturing industries and 75% of mining industries.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Community Resilience Planning Guide for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems

Categories: Climate Change,Weather/Disasters

Draft of a guide which aims to help communities prepare for and recover from wind, floods, earthquakes, sea-level rise and other hazards.  Provides for 60 day period for public comments before final version is issued in the fall of 2015.  From the National Institute of Standards and Technology


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