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Factsheet on EU Security Measures in Civil Airliners

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,European Union,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation

Covers the current rules regarding crew members in the cockpit, pending legislation relating to medical fitness of airline pilots,  safety and security rules for cockpit doors, and other matters related to the recent downing of the German plane.  From the European Commission


Saving for a Rainy Day: Estimating the Appropriate Size of U.S. State Budget Stabilization Funds

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics

Develops target rainy day fund levels for each state based on revenue components associated with business cycles and states’ preferences for stable tax rates and expenditure.  From the Boston Federal Reserve


The Impact of Foreclosures on Neighborhood Crime

Categories: Crime/Justice,Financial Crisis/Markets,Housing/Homelessness

Examines whether and how elevated foreclosures affect different types of crime in the surrounding area by looking at five cities across the U.S.   From the National Criminal Justice Reference Service


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