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Nearly Half a Million Americans Suffered from Clostridium Difficile Infections in a Single Year

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Statistics

Describes the threat posed by clostridium difficile, the portion of the population most at risk, and what is being done to mitigate the threat.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Annual Survey of Manufactures: 2013

Categories: Business/Economics,Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics

Provides national level data for manufacturing industries at differing levels of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) levels.  Includes statistics for each state, product shipment totals, value of shipments, employment, payroll and more.  News release with links to data in American Fact Finder tool.  From the Census Bureau


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Receipt for Households: 2000-2013

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Income/Poverty,Population/Census,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Identifies households in which one or more members received food assistance under the SNAP program during the past 12 months at the national, state, and large metropolitan statistical levels. Also shows trends by state since 2000.  From the Census Bureau


Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060

Categories: Children,Headlines,Population/Census,Statistics

Provides an indepth analysis of  the nation’s population to 2060 including its size and composition across age, sex, race, Hispanic origin and nativity.  Predicts the U.S. population will reach 400 million by 2051 and more than half the nation’s children will be part of a minority race or ethnic group.  From the Census Bureau


Problems Paying Medical Bills Among Persons Under Age 65: Early Release of Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey, 2011-June 2014

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Income/Poverty,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Provides updated estimates for the percentage of persons under age 65 who were in families having problems paying medical bills in the past 12 months.  Finds that the percentage decreased from 21% in 2011 to 17.8% in the first 6 months of 2014.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Gross Domestic Product: Fourth Quarter and Annual 2014 (Second Estimate)

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Statistics

Reports that the value of goods and services produced in the U.S. during the fourth quarter increased at an annual rate of 2.2%.  Real GDP for 2014 increased 2.4%.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


Volunteering in the United States, 2014

Categories: Statistics,Volunteering

Volunteer rate was 25.3% for the year ending in September 2014.  Provides information on volunteering rates by gender, age, race/ethnicity, marital status, education level, and employment status.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


Choice in End of Life Care

Categories: Births/Deaths,Great Britain,Health/Medical

Sets out findings of an independent review to provide advice to the British government on improving the quality and experience of care for adults at the end of life by expanding choices.  From the Department of Health


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