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Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014

Categories: Govt Finance,Labor/Employment,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Reports that the multiemployer program, which guarantees the pensions of ten million workers and retirees is running a $42 billion deficit, up from $8.3 billion in the previous year, due to the weaknesses in a minority of company plans which are expected to become insolvent.  From the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation


Fact Sheet: FCC Chairman Wheeler’s Plan to Reboot the E-Rate Program to Meet the Needs of 21st Century Digital Learning

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Presents the proposal of the FCC Chairman to modernize the E-Rate rules and funding levels.  Also describes the current high-speed Internet connectivity gap.  From the  Federal Communications Commission


E-Rate Data Update

Categories: Education,Laws/Regulations,Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Staff report which summarizes and analyzes data gathered since summer 2014 regarding long-term funding needs of the E-Rate program which sponsors broadband Internet connections for schools and libraries. From the Federal Communications Commission


George Washington National Forest: Revised Land and Resource Management Plan

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Energy,Headlines,Natural Resources,Recreation/Travel,Virginia Issues

Revises the 1993 management plan for the Virginia forest and drew news headlines because of its position on not prohibiting any specific technology for developing energy resources including hydraulic fracturing on forest lands where there are existing valid leases. See also related environmental materials.  From the Forest Service


Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence: Ending Violence So Children Can Thrive

Categories: Children,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Native Americans

States that American Indian and Alaska Native children experience posttraumatic stress disorder at the same rate as veterans returning from Middle East service; presents recommendations for preventing exposure to violence and mitigating the negative effects of such past exposure.  From the Justice Department


Health Care Transparency: Actions Needed to Improve Cost and Quality Information for Consumers

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Govt Information,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Prices/Inflation

As health care costs rise, consumers need more information about cost and quality of service.  This report examines the health care cost/quality information currently available from tools sponsored by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the characteristics of effective tools, and current federal efforts to improve the tools.  From the Government Accountability Office



Categories: Business/Economics,Great Britain,Statistics

Examines the economic policy in Great Britain which transferred responsibility for an industry or the ownership of a company from the public to the private sector, primarily from the 1980s until the mid-1990s.  Provides a history, an analysis of the motives behind the policy, the different methods of privitisation, and data on trends since 1970.  House of Commons Research Paper 14/61