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Design and Operation of the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs, 2009-2010

Categories: Children,Disability,Health/Medical,Statistics

Presents the development, plan, and operation of a survey designed to produce national and state-level estimates of children with special health care needs, the types of services they need, and the quality of services provided.  From the National Center for Health Statistics


Obama Administration Announces Final Rules to Protect Students from Poor-Performing Career College Programs

Categories: Careers,Education-Higher,Govt Finance,Headlines,Labor/Employment

Explains the details and the purpose behind new regulations that threaten poor performing career colleges with loss of eligibility for federal student aid programs.  Includes link to text of final regulations.  From the U.S. Department of Education


Juvenile Court Statistics 2011

Categories: Crime/Justice,Statistics,Youth

Provides information on delinquency cases handled in 2011 by U.S. courts with juvenile jurisdiction and describes trends in such cases between 1985 and 2011.  From the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.


Progress Toward Security and Stability in Afghanistan

Categories: Afghanistan,Defense/Military,NATO,Terrorism,Treaties

Report covers military activities in Afghanistan by U.S. forces from April through September 2014 and describes the transition from combat mission to training and counterterrorism assistance.  Also covers signing of U.S.-Afghanistan Bilateral Security Agreement and NATO Status of Forces Agreement.   From the Defense Department


Survey Data on Health Insurance Coverage for 2013 and 2014

Categories: Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Reports that 10.3 million previously uninsured nonelderly adults gained health insurance coverage through June 2014 due to the Affordable Care Act and the uninsured rate dropped from 20% to 15%.  From the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation of the Department of Health and Human Services