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Local Government and School Division Consolidation

Categories: Education,Govt Processes/Organization,Virginia Issues

Discusses the benefits and obstacles to local school consolidation in Virginia using recent consolidations as evidence.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


Mid-Career Outcomes of Graduates of Virginia Institutions of Higher Education

Categories: Careers,Education-Higher,Income/Poverty,Science/Technology,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Finds that bachelor’s degrees in engineering and computer science receive the highest earnings over a 20 year period and those in education, English, and performing/visual arts the lowest.  From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia


Digital Trade in the U.S. and Global Economies, Part 2

Categories: Business/Economics,Foreign Trade/Investment,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet

Provides information on the value of U.S. digital trade and the potential growth of this trade and the contributions of digital trade to the U.S. economy.  Includes a survey of U.S. firms in industries particularly involved in digital trade.  From the United States International Trade Commission


Unemployment Among Doctoral Scientists and Engineers Remained Below the National Average in 2013

Categories: Careers,Education-Higher,Labor/Employment,Mathematics,Science/Technology,Statistics

Reports on  the employment levels and unemployment rates of doctoral scientists and engineers including social sciences by field of doctorate, years since earning degree, and race/ethnicity/gender.  From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics of the National Science Foundation


Pesticides in U.S. streams and rivers: Occurrence and Trends During 1992-2011

Categories: Animals/Wildlife,Environment,Natural Resources,Science/Technology

Discusses the frequency with which U.S. rivers and streams exceeded aquatic-life benchmarks due to the presence of pesticides during the target period.  From the U.S. Geological Survey



OASDI Beneficiaries by State and Zip Code, 2013

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Presents basic program data on the number and type of beneficiaries and the amount of benefits paid in each state, Social Security field office, and zip code.  From the Social Security Administration


Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014

Categories: Environment,Science/Technology,United Nations

Finds that Montreal Protocol has led to stabilizing of ozone layer in latest measurements of the earth’s ozone layer.  Sums up the assessments of 300 scientists.  From the UN Environment Programme


Israel Crosses the Threshold II: The Nixon Administration Debates the Emergence of the Israeli Nuclear Program

Categories: History,Israel,Middle East Conflict,Nuclear Arms

A collection of ten recently declassified documents on the behind the scenes debate in the Nixon Administration on whether to dissuade Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons.  From the National Security Archive


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