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Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, United States, 2013

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Health/Medical,Sex Issues,Statistics,Youth

Presents the results of the latest survey of six categories of priority health-risk behaviors among youth and young adults including tobacco, alcohol and drug use, physical inactivity, and sexual behaviors that lead to unintended pregnancies or STDs. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


BRAIN 2025: A Scientific Vision

Categories: Health/Medical,Mental Health,Science/Technology


Presents findings and recommendations from an NIH working group to promote the Brain Research  Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN)  initiative, including the scientific background and rationale for the initiative as a whole and for each of seven major goals described in the report.  Calls for $4.5 billion in federal spending on research over the next 12 years.   From the National Institutes of Health


Size and Impact of Federal Spending in Virginia

Federal spending per person is larger in Virginia than in all but one state, primarily because of military spending, but Virginia state government receives less federal funds per person than any other state, mainly because of strict Medicaid eligibility rules and a low poverty rate.  Draft report from the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


Low Performing Schools in Urban High Poverty Communities

Categories: Education,Income/Poverty,Laws/Regulations,Urban Issues,Virginia Issues

Examines options for improving weak schools in urban poverty areas and recommends against promoting a local takeover strategy.  Calls for Virginia’s takeover statute to be repealed.  Draft report from the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission


Crime in Virginia: 2013

Categories: Crime/Justice,Headlines,Statistics,Virginia Issues$file/RD165.pdf

Annual collection of crime statistics in Virginia.  From the Virginia State Police


Government Foreign Policy Towards the United States

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Great Britain

British government command paper in response to an assessment of the UK-U.S. relationship by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons.  Presents current picture of UK view of the transatlantic relationship.  House of Commons Command Paper Cm 8876


Laws Criminalizing Apostasy in Selected Jurisdictions

Categories: Africa,Asia,Laws/Regulations,Religion/Ethics

Surveys the apostasy laws in 23 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia.  From the Law Library of Congress


High-Income Tax Returns for 2011

Categories: Taxes

Annual report on incomes of $200,000 or more where there was no income tax liability.  The report includes the number of such returns and the importance of various tax provisions in making these returns nontaxable.  From the Internal Revenue Service


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