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Per Capita Health Spending for Elderly Grows At Lowest Rate Among All Age Groups from 2002-2010

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Press release which reports that average annual growth in per capita personal health care spending for the elderly was 4.1% in the 2002-2010 period, the lowest among any other age groups studied. Provides links to article and statistical tables.  From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services


State Minimum Wages: 2014 Minimum Wage by State

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Offers table with current state minimum wage levels and any future scheduled increases.  22 states and DC have minimums higher than the federal level.  From the National Conference of State Legislatures


The Economic and Societal Impact of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 2010


Totals up the exorbitant costs—lost lives, damaged property, medical costs, workplace losses and more—attributed to traffic accidents in the U.S. in 2010 and estimates the total sum is about $277 billion.  The value of society harm is placed at $870 billion.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Obesity Update

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,Statistics,Taxes

A majority of adults and 1 in 5 children are overweight or obese in the OECD countries.  This update provides obesity rates for OECD countries, trends and the relationship to social disparities, and policies such as taxes and advertising that are being adopted to counter the trend.  From the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


Association of the Neighborhood Retail Food Environment with Sodium and Potassium Intake Among U.S. Adults

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Health/Medical,Maps/Geography

Investigates whether high sodium and low potassium diets, which can contribute to hypertension and cardiovascular disease, may be related to the availability of healthful food in neighborhood stores. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention