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Data Virginia

Categories: Headlines,Statistics,Virginia Issues

New online portal that provides access  to Virginia’s open data such as the Schools State Report Card from the Virginia Department of Education; Virginia Road Centerlines, a digital map of Virginia roads; and Virginia Boards and Commissions.  Will also serve as a clearinghouse for the state’s big data initiatives.  From the Office of the Governor


Keystone XL Pipeline Project Review Process: Provision of More Time for Submission of Agency Views

Categories: Energy,Environment,Headlines,Transportation

Text of agency announcement of delay in decision making about the XL oil pipeline.  From the State Department


Clinton Administration: Previously Restricted Documents

Categories: Govt Information,Presidency

A collection of documents from the Clinton administration made available to the public after the passage of twelve years following the end of a presidential administration.  From the National Archives and Records Administration and the Clinton Presidential Library


Consumer Alert: GM Ignition Switch Recall Information

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Transportation

Provides information related to the recall of six General Motors models because of a defective ignitions switch which can affect the operation of airbag systems.  Also includes GM-supplied documents about the recall.  From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Juvenile Justice: Annotated Bibliography

Categories: Crime/Justice,Supreme Court/courts,Youth

A seventy page bibliography with such sections as juvenile assessment, facilities, sex offenders, and courts.  From the National Institute of Corrections, U.S. Department of Justice


Nation’s Authoritative Land Cover Map New and Improved

Categories: Maps/Geography

Press release announcing new version of National Land Cover Database with consistent information about land cover types from forests to urban areas.  Based on Landsat satellite imagery from 2011, the database describes each 30-meter cell of land and identifies changes since 2006.  From the U.S. Geological Survey


Public Computer Center and Sustainable Broadband Adoption Case Studies

Categories: Libraries/Museums,Telecommunications/Internet

Provides first 3 of a planned 15 case studies relating to the 2010 $200 million grant program to provide fast Internet technology for public computer centers in public libraries across America.  The first three report on programs in Delaware, Michigan, and Texas.  From the National Telecommunications and Information Administration


Mid-Year Update on Student Loan Complaints

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Education-Higher

Reports receiving more than 2,300 private student loan complaints and more than 1300 debt collection complaints related to student loans between October 2013 and March 31, 2014.  Discusses complaints and problems related to co-signers of loans.  From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


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