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Review of State Spending: 2013 Update

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Virginia Issues

Latest annual report on the growth of Virginia state government spending over the past ten years.  Documents the amount (20% after accounting for inflation and population growth) and areas of budget growth.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee


Burma’s Political Prisoners and U.S. Sanctions

Categories: Asia,Burma,Business/Economics,Civil/Human Rights

Reviews U.S. sanctions against Burma and Burma’s promises to release all political prisoners by the end of 2013.   Confusion reigns as to whether political prisoners are being released or whether political opponents of the regime continue to be arrested.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


The Open Government Partnership: Second Open Government National Action Plan for the USA

Categories: Govt Information,Govt Secrecy,Presidency,Privacy,Spying/Intelligence

Follows the 2011 plan that launched, among other things, the We the People petitions platform.  The new plan calls for transforming the security classification system, modernizing the Freedom of Information Act, increase transparency of foreign intelligence surveillance activities, and strengthen privacy compliance efforts.  From the Executive Office of the President, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Milestone Cleared for Second Wind Energy Research Lease Offshore Virginia

Categories: Energy,Laws/Regulations,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Press release announcing that more hurdles have been cleared for the issuing of a wind energy research lease to Virginia’s Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy.  DMME has proposed developing a grid-connected, 12-megawatt offshore wind test facility off the southeastern coast of Virginia.  From the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management


Fiscal Policy Effects in a Heterogeneous-Agent Overlapping-Generations Economy With an Aging Population

Categories: Business/Economics,Elderly,Govt Finance,Taxes

A working paper that estimates that gross domestic product per capita in the U.S. will be about 7% lower in 2040 if the government cuts transfer rates and increases income taxes to finance the budgetary costs of an aging population.  From the Congressional Budget Office