Government Information

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Report on Government Information Requests

Categories: Govt Secrecy,Headlines,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet


Provides statistics from Apple on the requests received from governments related to customer accounts as well as those related to specific devices.  Shows request numbers by country.  From Apple


EPA Adaptation Implementation Plans

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Natural Resources

Provides a list of 17 plans for adaptation to climate change from EPA regional offices and EPA program offices.  The plans outline threats posed by climate change to human health and the environment and priority actions by EPA to assist communities with adaptation.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Self-Report of Diabetes and Claims-Based Identification of Diabetes Among Medicare Beneficiaries

Categories: Elderly,Health/Medical,Statistics

Compares self-reported diabetes in the National Health Interview Survey with diabetes identified using the Medicare Chronic Condition (CC) Summary File.  From the National Center for Health Statistics