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2012 Census of Governments: Finance—Survey of Public Pensions: State-Administered Defined Benefit Data

Categories: Govt Finance,Govt Personnel,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Press release on updating of financial information relating to state-administered pension systems as part of the Census of Governments for 2012.  Includes liability statistics  projecting total obligations for covering costs for former and current employees.  From the Census Bureau.


Agricultural Statistics Annual

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,History,Statistics

More than 70 years of agricultural statistics are now available online from annual issues of Agricultural Statistics from 1935 to date.  Covers agricultural facilities, production, costs, and returns. From the National Agricultural Statistics Service


Eurypedia: European Encyclopedia on National Education Systems

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,European Union

Covers basic information on 38 education systems within European Union countries.  From the European Commission


Egypt: Country Analysis Report

Categories: Egypt,Energy,Statistics,Transportation

One of a series of reports on the energy situation in various countries.  This report on Egypt covers energy facts and information about the critical Suez Canal and Suez-Mediterranean Pipeline, which are key routes for Persian Gulf oil and gas shipments to Europe and North America.  From the Energy Information Administration