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Climate Change: Future Federal Adaptation Efforts Could Better Support Local Infrastructure Decision Makers

Categories: Climate Change,Federal State Relations,Public Works,Transportation,Waste Management

Examines the impacts of climate change on roads and bridges, wastewater systems, and NASA centers; the extent to which climate change is incorporated into infrastructure planning; factors that enabled some adaptive measures to be enacted; and federal efforts to address local adaptation needs.  From the Government Accountability Office


May 2013 Estimate of the Effects of the Affordable Care Act on Health Insurance Coverage

Categories: Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Provides year by year estimates of the number of uninsured by category.  Foresees insured share of the nonelderly population (excluding unauthorized immigrants) rising to 92%.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Updated Budget Projections: Fiscal Years 2013 to 2023

Categories: Govt Finance,Headlines,Medicare/Medicaid,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics,Taxes

Presents baseline budget projections for federal government revenues and outlays  and changes to the projections since February 2013.  Predicts the federal budget deficit will shrink this year to $642 billion or 4% of GDP.  From the Congressional Budget Office


State-Level Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 2000-2010

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Statistics

Presents a basic analysis of the factors that contribute to a state’s carbon dioxide profile.   Over the decade, emissions rose in 18 states and fell in 32 states.  From the Energy Information Administration


Bowman v. Monsanto Co.

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Copyright/Patents,Crime/Justice,Headlines,Supreme Court/courts

Unanimous Supreme Court decision that farmer Bowman violated Monsanto patents by trying to reuse Roundup Ready soybean seeds for late season planting.  The farmer had argued that the seeds he bought from a grain elevator were not covered by the patent.  The decision stopped short of covering other self-replicating technologies.  From the Legal Information Institute of Cornell University


CBO’s Projections of Federal Receipts and Expenditures in the National Income and Product Accounts

Categories: Business/Economics,Govt Finance,Statistics

Provides forecasts of U.S. production of goods and services and the income generated by that production.  This report focuses on the federal portion of the government sector for the 2013-2023 period during which it sees expenditures exceeding receipts by $8 trillion.   From the Congressional Budget Office


Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency: Fifth Edition

Categories: Govt Information,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Explains in detail the principles that federal statistical agencies should adhere to, including independence from political influence.  Also covers organization of the federal statistical system and laws/regulations that govern federal statistics.  From the National Research Council


Changes in Premiums for Civilian Employees: Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance by Census Division, 2008 and 2011

Categories: Health Insurance,Labor/Employment,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Provides information on the number and percentage of civilian workers in the private and public sectors who were employed at firms where employer-sponsored health insurance was available and the number and percentage who were enrolled.  Also covers average premiums for single, plus-one, and family coverage.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


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