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Today’s FBI: Facts and Figures, 2013-2014

Categories: Crime/Justice,History,Statistics

Information and statistics about the work of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Includes a short history of the agency by eras.  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Global Status Report on Road Safety 2013

Categories: Births/Deaths,Traffic Accidents,Transportation,United Nations

Information and statistics on road safety from 182 countries  Reports there were 1.24 million traffic deaths per year.  From the World Health Organization


Annual Report on Assistance Related to International Terrorism: Fiscal Year 2012

Categories: Foreign Affairs,Homeland Security,Terrorism

Describes how much money was spent and what the funds were used for.  Covers such programs as counterterrorism engagement, border security, countering violent extremism, and counterterrorism finance training.  From the State Department


Accessing Public Transport

Categories: Disability,Great Britain,Science/Technology,Transportation

Examines current barriers to and future opportunities for improving the accessibility of public transport systems.  From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


Preventing Mitochondrial Disease

Categories: Great Britain,Health/Medical,Science/Technology,Women

Describes treatments which aid women with faulty mitochondria who pass the condition on to their children and issues which are raised by such treatments.  From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


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