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Justifying the Means: Afghan Perceptions of Electoral Processes

Categories: Afghanistan,Democracy/Peace,Elections/Campaigns

Reports on local perceptions from different regions of Afghanistan on the 2014 presidential election.  More concerns were expressed about the uncertainty of the political transition than about the fairness of the election process.  From the United States Institute of Peace


Perceptions of Political Engaged, Influential Afghans on the Way Forward

Categories: Afghanistan,Democracy/Peace,Terrorism

Presents the views of influential Afghan citizens on their hopes and concerns about the future of their country and the need for continuing international engagement.  From the United States Institute of Peace


Learning from Iraq: A Final Report from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

Categories: Defense/Military,Democracy/Peace,Headlines,Iraq,Public Works


The final in a series of reports on the Iraq War and the U.S. efforts to rebuild the shattered country.  Includes how much money was spent  ($60 billion), where the money went (much of it to training and equipping the Iraqi Security Forces), and final lessons.   Follows an earlier report: Hard Lessons: The Iraq Reconstruction Experience.  From the Office of the Special Inspector General


Military Bases: Opportunities Exist to Improve Future Base Realignment and Closure Rounds

Categories: Defense/Military,Govt Finance

The 2005 BRAC round was the costliest and most complex of the five rounds of military base closings the government has experienced.  This report discusses lessons learned, how the methodology for estimating costs and savings could be improved, and what legislative changes Congress might want to consider to improve oversight.  From the Government Accountability Office


Administration Strategy on Mitigating the Theft of U.S. Trade Secrets

Categories: Business/Economics,Homeland Security,Laws/Regulations,Spying/Intelligence

Outlines the U.S. strategy for countering economic espionage and the theft of trade secrets from U.S. enterprises.  Includes an overview of U.S. trade secret laws and a summary of Justice Department trade secret theft cases .  From the White House