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Rebooting the Government Printing Office: Keeping America Informed in the Digital Age

Categories: Govt Information,Libraries/Museums

Results of a report mandated by Congress which finds that the Government Printing Office has a core mission that remains valid but offers recommendations for furthering GPO’s transformation in the digital age.     From the National Academy of Public Administration


America’s Foreign Born in the Last 50 Years

Categories: Immigration/Migration,Maps/Geography,Population/Census,Statistics

Charts and maps with visual representation of trends in the number, origin,  location, and percentage of foreign born residents in the U.S.  From the Census Bureau


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data from Large Facilities

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Maps/Geography,Statistics!OpenDocument

Press release announcing availability of greenhouse gas emissions data by sector, type of greenhouse gas, and geographic region such as county or state.  Contains links to the specific data files.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


Adult Smoking: Focusing on People with Mental Illness

Categories: Mental Health,Smoking/Tobacco,Statistics

Provides information and statistics on the connection between mental illness and smoking.  From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Peace Corps Top Colleges 2012

Categories: Education-Higher,Headlines,Statistics,Volunteering

Lists the top colleges and universities in producing Peace Corps volunteers.  William and Mary ranks 8th in the Medium Colleges and Universities listing.  University of Virginia ranked 18th among large schools and the University of Mary Washington was number 1 nationally among small schools.  From the Peace Corps


U.S. and South Korean Cooperation in the World Nuclear Energy Market: Major Policy Considerations

Categories: Arab,Foreign Trade/Investment,Korea,Laws/Regulations,Nuclear Energy

South Korea has transformed itself from being a purchaser of turnkey nuclear plants in the 1970s to a major nuclear technology supplier after a recent contract was signed with the United Arab Emirates.  This report discusses how South Korean nuclear development is tied to U.S. firms and subject to U.S. export controls.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


United Nations Regular Budget Contributions: Members Compared, 1990-2010

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,United Nations

This report provides the U.S. contribution assessment for the United Nations, the actual payment made, and total outstanding contributions for the U.S. and selected other UN member states.     From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


U.S. Government Agencies Involved in Export Promotion: Overview and Issues for Congress

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Foreign Trade/Investment,Govt Finance

About 20 federal government agencies are involved in supporting U.S. exports directly or indirectly.  This report discusses what they do and whether such efforts could be revised to promote greater efficiency  and effectiveness.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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