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Hyundai and Kia to Correct Overstated MPG Claims

Categories: Advertising/Marketing,Energy,Govt/Business Scandals,Korea,Laws/Regulations,Transportation!OpenDocument

Press release with details about the exaggerated mileage claims from the Korean automakers and what is being done about it.  From the Environmental Protection Agency


An Overview of Classes Taken and Credits Earned by Beginning Postsecondary Students

Categories: Education-Higher,Mathematics,Science/Technology,Statistics

Topics covered include precollege credits, remedial education participation, withdrawals and repeated courses, and credits earned in science, technology, engineering, and math courses.   From the National Center for Education Statistics


Taxation of Owner-Occupied and Rental Housing

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Taxes

This paper illustrates how the different tax treatments of owner-occupied and rented houses affect the relative costs of owning and renting.  Tax advantages make owning more advantageous for higher-income households but limiting or eliminating certain tax advantages would change the cost of owning relative to renting.  From the Congressional Budget Office


State Focused Action Plans: FDLP Forecast Study

Categories: Govt Information,Libraries/Museums

A compilation of the goals and initiatives of depository librarians in the various states to plan for the future of government information services in the Federal Depository Library Program.  From the U.S. Government Printing Office