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A Closer Look at Nonparticipants During and After the Great Recession

Categories: Financial Crisis/Markets,Labor/Employment

Looks at reasons why jobseekers dropped out of the labor market during and after the recession of 2008-2009 and whether these trends are permanent or transitory.  From the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


Potential Budgetary Effects of Immediately Opening Most Federal Lands to Oil and Gas Leasing

Categories: Energy,Environment,Geology/Mining,Govt Finance,Natural Resources

Presents estimates of revenue that might be gained by the federal government if it immediately opened all federal lands, both onshore and offshore, for oil and gas development.  The estimates include lands where development is currently legally prohibited and where it is off-limits because of administrative policies.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Sequestration Update Report: August 2012

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics

Provides estimates of the caps on discretionary budget authority for security ($816.9 billion) and nonsecurity ($363.5 billion) portions of the federal budget for the fiscal year.  One in a series of such annual reports required by law.  From the Congressional Budget Office


Energy Use Behaviour Change

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Great Britain

Introduces factors and interventions that can influence behavior and discusses the behavioral aspects of the Green Deal and the smart meters programme.  From the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology


Against All Odds: Relations Between NATO and the MENA Region

Categories: Africa,Defense/Military,Libya,Middle East Conflict,NATO

Discusses how the focus of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has shifted from east to south and now recognizes the importance of the Middle East and North Africa to allied security.  From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College


Arms Control and European Security

Categories: Arms Control,Defense/Military,European Union,Great Britain,Russia,Treaties

Three contrasting papers on the future of the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty.  From a June 2011 conference on U.S.-Russian relations.  From the Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College


Census Bureau Releases its First Mobile App

Categories: Business/Economics,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet

Press release on release of mobile application entitled “America’s Economy” with constantly updated statistics on the U.S. economy, trends, and upcoming releases.  From the Census Bureau


State Pension Systems Assets Rise Nearly $325 Billion in 2011

Categories: Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Press release on value and earnings of state-administered defined benefit retirement systems during 2011.  Also covers payments to retirees.  From the Census Bureau


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