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State of World Population 2011: People and Possibilities in a World of 7 Billion

Categories: Africa,Asia,China,Egypt,Elderly,India,Mexico,Population/Census,Statistics,Urban Issues

Examines current world population trends with a focus on how China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, India, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Macedonia are facing diverse demographic challenges ranging from ageing populations to high fertility rates and urbanization.  From the United Nations Population Fund


2011 Global Study on Homicide: Trends, Contexts, Data

Categories: Crime/Justice,Drug Trafficking,Guns,Sex Issues,Statistics,United Nations,Youth

Examines trends and patterns in global crime and their connection to recurrent themes such as poor economic development, drug trafficking, youth gangs, intimate partner violence, and the ready availability of firearms.   From the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2011

Categories: Asia,Business/Economics,Environment,Population/Census,Statistics,Telecommunications/Internet

Comparable statistical data and analyses on population, the environment, the state of the economy, and network connectivity for the Asia-Pacific region.  From the United Nations


Trends in European Education During the Last Decade

Categories: Education,Education-Higher,European Union,Statistics

Presents characteristics                of European education and training systems between 2000 and 2009, from when children start in school until they leave as young adults.  Emphasizes major trends in terms of enrollments, education expectancy, teacher characteristics, and graduates.  From Eurostat


Spotlight on Statistics: Automobiles

Categories: Labor/Employment,Manufacturing,Statistics,Transportation

Discusses the importance of the motor vehicle industry to the U.S. economy.  Offers data on employment within the motor vehicle and parts manufacturing industries, motor vehicle- related expenditures for U.S. households, injuries suffered by those who work in the industry, and industry productivity.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


A Report on the Actuarial, Marketing, and Legal Analysis of the CLASS Program

Categories: Elderly,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Laws/Regulations

Reports on planning for the voluntary, national insurance program for long-term care services enacted as the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act portion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This report describes the organizational and implementation steps taken and a legal analysis of the plans.  The Obama administration has since abandoned the program due to financial reasons.  From the Department of Health and Human Services


National Security Professionals and Interagency Reform: Proposals, Recent Experience, and Issues for Congress

Categories: Defense/Military,Foreign Affairs,Homeland Security,Weather/Disasters

Discusses growing sentiment in Congress and the executive branch for the need to reform national security structures to promote more effective, integrated applications of U.S. power in foreign affairs and natural disasters.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Background and Current Developments

Categories: Arms Control,History,Nuclear Arms,Treaties

Describes most recent developments and the negotiations, provisions, and entry into force of the CTBT.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the Federation of American Scientists


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