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Statement by the President on the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards

Categories: Environment,Laws/Regulations,Presidency

Announcement by the president about the withdrawal of the proposed draft Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards.  From the White House


Statement by President Obama on Robert Gates Becoming Chancellor of William and Mary

Categories: Education-Higher,Headlines,Virginia Issues

President Obama salutes the 24th Chancellor of the College .  From the White House


Iraq: Politics, Governance, and Human Rights

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Conflict Resolution,Democracy/Peace,Iraq

Examines the transition toward democracy in Iraq, the shaky status of human rights, and the  implications for the political situation of the impending American withdrawal.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the U.S. Department of State Foreign Press Center


Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Foreign Countries: Issues for Congress

Categories: Arms Control,Energy,Nuclear Energy

Discusses U.S. nuclear cooperation agreement, current proliferation barriers and disincentives,  and additional issues for Congressional consideration.  From the Congressional Research Service, posted by the U.S. Department of State Foreign Press Center


The Ethanol Decade: An Expansion of U.S. Corn Production, 2000-2009

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Energy,Statistics

Examines how rising gasoline prices and federal energy policies affected land-use decisions by farmers.  From the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture


Live Free: Annual Report on Fair Housing, 2010

Categories: Housing/Homelessness,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Latest federal report on the effort to end housing discrimination in America.  From the Department of Housing and Urban Development


Waste Opportunities: Past and Future Climate Benefits from Better Municipal Waste Management in Europe

Categories: Environment,European Union,Switzerland,Waste Management

This report analyzes the greenhouse gas emissions from municipal solid waste management in the EU, plus Norway and Switzerland and how improvement can be achieved.  From the European Environment Agency


Apocalypse Then: The Evolution of the North Atlantic Economy and the Global Crisis

Categories: Business/Economics,European Union,Financial Crisis/Markets,Housing/Homelessness

Argues that transatlantic financial relationships were a crucial conduit in transmitting U.S. housing collapses into a global financial crisis.  A working paper of the International Monetary Fund


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