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The Coming Turkish-Iranian Competition in Iraq

Categories: Iran,Iraq,Turkey

Argues that the U.S. should encourage Turkish and Iraqi cooperation  and economic integration as a key component of its post-2011 strategy for the region.  From the United States Institute of Peace


Political Trends in the African Great Lakes Region

Categories: Africa,Conflict Resolution,Elections/Campaigns

Highlights the political development in the recent round of elections in the African Great Lakes, a region long associated with warfare.  The region shows worrying trends toward electoral authoritarianism and political fragmentation.  From the United States Institute of Peace


Improving Peacebuilding Evaluation

Categories: Democracy/Peace

Describes the results of the Peacebuilding Evaluation Project, a series of meetings to foster collaboration among funders, implementers, and policy makers.  From the United States Institute of Peace



Economic Recovery Widespread Across States in 2010

Categories: Business/Economics,Manufacturing,Statistics

Reports that real gross domestic product increased in 48 states and the District of Columbia in 2010.  Durable goods manufacturing was the leading contributor to the recovery.  From the Bureau of Economic Analysis


Shopping for Light Bulbs?

Categories: Consumer Info/Protection,Energy

Describes the various new types of energy-saving bulbs, how they work, and how new Lighting Facts labels will make shopping for bulbs easier.  From the Federal Trade Commission


Changes in Premiums and Employee Contributions for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, Private Industry, 2001-2009

Categories: Health Insurance,Statistics

This statistical brief compares changes to annual premiums and employee contributions within coverage types and across coverage types  for private sector employers for 2001-2009.  For all coverage types–employee, employee +one, and family coverage—employee contributions rose faster than overall premium cost.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Emergency Department Visits in Rural and Non-Rural Community Hospitals, 2008

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Health/Medical,Statistics

Presents data on the use of hospital emergency rooms in rural areas, including patient and hospital characteristics.  Also provides comparisons with characteristics of non-rural hospitals.   From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


Trends in Emergency Department Visits for Drug-Related Suicide Attempts Among Males: 2005 and 2009

Categories: Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Births/Deaths,Health/Medical,Statistics

Provides statistics on the prevalence of suicide attempts among males, the breakdowns by age, and by prevalence drug of abuse.   From the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


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