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Virginia’s Regions

Categories: Maps/Geography,Virginia Issues

A new approach to understanding Virginia based on regional socioeconomic characteristics.  Divides the state into 8 regions: Central, Eastern, Hampton Roads, Northern, Richmond, Southside, Southwest, and Valley.  From the Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia

Chesapeake Bay Restoration: Past, Present, and Where We Are Going

Categories: Chesapeake Bay,Environment,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Argues a new approach is needed to restore the bay due to the increasing population in the bay watershed.  Describes a computer program, called the UVA Bay Game developed as a teaching and learning tool.  From the Cooper Center of the University of Virginia

Governor’s Veto Message [of Redistricting Plan]

Categories: Elections/Campaigns,Headlines,Maps/Geography,Population/Census,Virginia Issues

Text of the message of Governor McDonnell vetoing legislation which redrew district boundaries.  The Republican governor found the Democratic plan for Senate districts to be unacceptable, but the Republican plan for House districts okay.  Neither plan resembled the plan proposed by the Advisory Commission and developed by William and Mary students for a Commission-sponsored contest.  From the Governor’s Office

In Case of Emergency: New Data on Medical Benefits

Categories: Health Insurance,Statistics

The first of a three part series on 12 typical employer-provided benefits.  This article covers benefits provided for emergency room visits and ambulance services. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Selected Medical Benefits: A Report from the Department of Labor to the Department of Health and Human Services

Categories: Health Insurance,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Provides information on detailed health plan provisions for typical employer-provided health insurance coverage from a sample of approximately 3,200 plans.  To be used by Secretary of Health and Human Services to define essential health benefits offered by typical employer plans. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Covered Services and Limits in Health Benefit Plans for State and Local Government Workers

Categories: Govt Personnel,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Because of increased interest in benefits among state and local government workers, this summary of information was compiled to provide some comparisons with private industry data.  Comparison includes per cent of workers with access to medical benefits, and median employee contribution per month for individual and family coverage.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

History of the Statistical Classification of Diseases and Causes of Death

Categories: Health/Medical,History,Statistics

This report describes the historic development of the disease nomenclatures and classifications that ultimately became the major international standard known as the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases.  From the National Center for Health Statistics

Jail Inmates at Midyear 2010: Statistical Tables

Categories: Crime/Justice,Statistics

Presents data on number of jails and analyzes patterns of growth and decline in jail populations.   Also includes data on rated capacity of jails, per cent of capacity occupied, and capacity added.  From the Bureau of Justice Statistics

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