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Review of Virginia’s Corporate Income Tax System

Categories: Business/Economics,Taxes,Virginia Issues

Finds that the Virginia corporate income tax is consistent with comparable tax systems in other states and that it is not a major detraction from economic development programs.   From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Review of State Spending 2010 Update

Categories: Govt Finance,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Provides a review of state spending, the growth of Virginia’s budget, and the state agencies and programs where most growth has occurred.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Compliance with the State Publications Depository Act

Categories: Govt Information,Libraries/Museums,Virginia Issues$file/RD345.pdf

Report from the Librarian of Virginia on activities of information dissemination to State Depository Libraries and a list of the state agencies which were not in compliance with their publications responsibilities.  The list includes the Department of Health, the Department of Conservation and Recreation, and  the Department of Criminal Justice Services.  From the Library of Virginia

Distributional Effects of Price Indexing Social Security Benefits

Categories: Elderly,Income/Poverty,Prices/Inflation,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

This policy brief compares five options to index initial benefits to price growth rather than wage growth, as is currently done, and how the options would slow the growth of initial Social Security benefits.  From the Social Security Administration

Restricted Activity Days, 2007: Estimates for the U.S. Civilian Noninstitutionalized Population, Ages 16-64

Categories: Education,Health/Medical,Labor/Employment,Statistics

Provides estimates of work days or school days lost due to  injury, illness, mental or emotional problem, or caring for a family member with health problems.  Finds that younger people lose fewer days.  From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Emergency Department Visits for Adults in Community Hospitals, 2008

Categories: Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Statistics

Reports the causes for visits to hospital emergency departments, the characteristics of those who visit, and methods of payment.   From the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

The Use of the CPI in Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLAs)

Categories: Elderly,Prices/Inflation,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Social Security recipients will not receive a cost of living adjustment in 2011.  This paper explains how the Consumer Price Index is used to calculate the need for an adjustment.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Impact of the European Debt Crisis on U.S. Import Prices

Categories: European Union,Financial Crisis/Markets,Foreign Trade/Investment,Greece,Prices/Inflation,Spain,Statistics

Although the value of the Euro has fallen by 18% compared to the dollar due to deficit problems in countries like Greece and Spain, prices of products imported into the U.S. from Europe have not fallen in a comparable fashion.   This paper looks at exchange rates and other factors which may be affecting prices.  From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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