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Immigration Cap

Categories: Great Britain,Immigration/Migration

Presents the policy of the British coalition government to reduce the flow of immigration into England, latest figures on net immigration to Britain, the impact of an immigration cap on business and services, implications for students, and administration of the revised program.  From the Home Affairs Committee of the House of Commons

2010 Report on International Religious Freedom

Categories: Civil/Human Rights,Headlines,Religion/Ethics

Latest annual report which assesses the degree of freedom of religion in the countries of the world.              From the Department of State

Candidate Notice of Review (Endangered Species List)

Categories: Animals/Wildlife,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Natural Resources

Latest posting (2010) of the Candidate Notice of Review, a yearly appraisal of the current status of plants and animals considered candidates for protection under the Endangered Species Act.  5 species have been added and one removed from the list.  Provides links to news release and to Federal Register notice.  From the Fish and Wildlife Service

Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology: National Education Technology Plan 2010

Categories: Education,Federal State Relations,Science/Technology

Calls for applying the advanced technologies used in daily personal and professional lives to improve student learning.  Organized around five goals related to each of the five essential components of learning powered by technology.  From the U.S. Department of Education

Metropolitan Area Unemployment and Nonfarm Employment: Hampton Roads

Categories: Labor/Employment,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Analysis and statistics on unemployment in Hampton Roads metro area and the state of Virginia as a whole as of September 2010.  From the Hampton Roads Plan District Commission

Preliminary Analysis of the Rivlin-Ryan Health Care Proposal

Categories: Govt Finance,Health Insurance,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid

Analyzes the short- and long-term effects on the federal budget if proposals by Paul Ryan and Alice Rivlin were to be adopted as an alternative to traditional Medicare and Medicaid.  From the Congressional Budget Office

Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Family Income of the Unemployed

Categories: Labor/Employment,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Examines the role of unemployment insurance benefits in supporting the income of families in which at least one memberwas unemployed during part of 2009 and how that role varied by the amount of family income and the total number of weeks of unemployment of family members.  .  From the Congressional Budget Office

Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure

Categories: Federal State Relations,Govt Finance,Public Works,Transportation

Analyzes recent developments in spending on transportation and water infrastructure, trends in spending for capital and for operations and maintenance by the various levels of government, and the rationale for public spending on infrastructure.  From the Congressional Budget Office