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Climate Change: A Coordinated Strategy Could Focus Federal Geoengineering Research and Inform Governance Efforts

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Laws/Regulations,Science/Technology,Treaties

Some have questioned whether large-scale engineering efforts, such as removal of some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or solar radiation management, could mitigate climate change effects.  This report examines the state of geoengineering science, federal involvement in geoengineering, and whether federal laws or international treaties restrict the scope of geoengineering efforts.  From the Government Accountability Office

Report of the Center for Rural Virginia on the Expansion and Promotion of Farm Businesses and Rural Enterprises

Categories: Agriculture/Rural Issues,Business/Economics,Virginia Issues$file/RD273.pdf

Reports the recommendations of a task force for developing economic opportunity strategies for agriculture throughout Virginia.   From the Rural Enterprise Opportunities  Task Force.

Report on Transfers from Community Colleges at Virginia Public Institutions 2010

Categories: Education-Higher,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Describes the total number of Virginia Community College System transfer students each four year institution of higher education enrolled and graduated from 2002/03 to 2006/07.  From the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

OASDI Beneficiaries by State and Zip Code, 2009

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Govt Finance,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Presents basic program data on the number and type of beneficiaries and the amount of benefits paid in each state and zip code area for the Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance Program in 2009.   From the Social Security Administration.

Earthquakes in the Central United States, 1699-2010

Categories: Geology/Mining,Maps/Geography

Offers a map which shows the pattern of earthquake locations in the central U.S. with brief texts which explain the effects of the most notable ones.  From the U.S. Geological Survey

Evaluating the 2010 NPT Review Conference

Categories: Arms Control,Middle East Conflict,Nuclear Arms,Nuclear Energy,WMD

Assesses progress made during the May 2010 Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty  (NPT) Review Conference in New York and the core issues debated at the event: nuclear proliferation, nuclear disarmament, access to peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and the creation of a weapons of mass destruction-free zone in the Middle East.  From the United States Institute of Peace

DOT, EPA Propose the Nation’s First Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks and Buses

Categories: Climate Change,Energy,Environment,Headlines,Laws/Regulations,Transportation

Standards expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 250 million metric tons and save 500 million barrels of oil over the lives of the vehicles produced during the program’s first five years.  From the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation.

How Much Lower are Prices at Discount Stores?: An Examination of Retail Food Prices

Categories: Food/Nutrition,Prices/Inflation,Statistics

Reports on the results of an evaluation of price differences for food products between traditional supermarkets and nontraditional stores, including mass merchandisers, supercenters, club warehouse stores and dollar stores.  From the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

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