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Governor Announces 70 MPH Speed Limits on 680 Miles of Interstate

Categories: Laws/Regulations,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Announces that speed limits will be raised to 70 miles per hour on 61% of Virginia’s interstate highways.  Also includes a map of  pending changes.  From the Office of the Governor

Fraud and Error in Virginia’s Medicaid Program: Interim Report

Categories: Govt Finance,Health/Medical,Medicare/Medicaid,Statistics,Virginia Issues

Reports that Virginia had $39 million of improper Medicaid payments from fraud and error.  Another $48 million was blocked before improper payments were made.  This draft interim report is an attempt to identify opportunities to reduce waste, fraud, and inefficiency in the Virginia Medicaid program.  From the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Amendments to the Hampton Roads 2030 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Categories: Public Works,Transportation,Virginia Issues

Shows latest amendments to the transportation plan including construction projects added to the plan, projects added for preliminary engineering, and projects removed.  From the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization

The World’s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics

Categories: Statistics,United Nations,Women

Presents statistics and analysis on the status of women and men in the world and changes over time.  Covers several broad policy areas including population and families, health, education, work, decision-making, violence against women, the environment, and poverty.  From the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations

Criminal Statistics Annual Report 2009

Categories: Crime/Justice,Great Britain,Statistics

Latest annual compendium of criminal justice statistics for England and Wales.  From the Ministry of Justice and the Office of National Statistics

Historical Ice-Out Dates for 29 Lakes in New England, 1807-2008

Categories: Climate Change,Environment,Statistics

A lake ice-out date refers to the date in spring when the annual winter ice cover disappears from a lake.  Ice-out dates can serve as useful indicators of late winter and early spring climate change.  From the U.S. Geological Survey

Hydrogeology and Groundwater Availability in Clarke County, Virginia

Categories: Geology/Mining,Natural Resources,Virginia Issues

Reveals outcome of an investigation into the quantity and sustainability of groundwater resources in Clarke County, Virginia following the drought period of 1999 to 2002.  From the U.S. Geological Survey

Transparency is the Key to Legitimate Afghan Parliamentary Elections

Categories: Afghanistan,Elections/Campaigns,Govt/Business Scandals

Argues that the ultimate success of the September 2010 parliamentary elections in Afghanistan will be determined not by the levels of fraud committed on election day but by the way the fraud is handled.  From the United States Institute of Peace

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