Government Information

Earl Gregg Swem Library

Access to Government Information in the United States

Categories: Govt Information,Laws/Regulations,Statistics

Offers an overview of the four major information access laws, their history and background, and access of various branches of government to information generated by other branches. Also discusses the use of information access laws and provides usage statistics. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by

Update: Influenza Activity, United States, April-August 2009

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics

Provides analysis and charts on flu prevalence, especially H1N1 pandemic flu, for the past 6 months, from the first identified cases in the U.S. From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Electric Power Storage

Categories: Energy

Summarizes the technical, regulatory, and policy issues that surround implementation of electric power storage and integration of renewable stored power into the electricity grid. From the Congressional Research Service, posted by