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Investigation of Failure of the SEC To Uncover Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme: Summary

Categories: Business/Economics,Crime/Justice,Govt/Business Scandals,Headlines

Finds that ineptitude rather than collusion was responsible for the failure of the SEC to uncover the Ponzi Scheme run by Madoff, despite warnings as early as 1992 that an unregistered investment company was offering 100% safe investments to special customers. A summary of the full report. From the Office of the Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization.2009

Categories: Foreign Assistance,Statistics,United Nations

The annual report of the Secretary-General on the state of the United Nations at the outset of the new session of the General Assembly. Includes lengthy statistical annex with tables on progress toward meeting millennium development goals. From the United Nations.

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2009: Summary Findings

Categories: Afghanistan,Alcohol/Drug Abuse,Crime/Justice,Statistics

Claims that opium cultivation in Afghanistan in 2009 decreased by 22% from 2008. Provides detailed data tables on cultivation and eradication by province. From the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

SSI Annual Statistical Report 2008

Categories: Disability,Elderly,Statistics,Welfare/Social Services

Annual statistical report on the federal government Supplemental Security Income program and the needy aged, blind, and disabled people who receive benefits from it. From the Social Security Administration.

Retraining Displaced U.S. Workers

Categories: Careers,Labor/Employment

Brief review of what jobs have disappeared, and what government programs have been offered to displaced workers for training assistance. Also offers links to evaluations of job training program effectiveness. From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Alternatives to Frozen Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Categories: Labor/Employment,Retirement/Social Security,Statistics

Defines what a frozen benefit pension plan is, offers statistics on the number of frozen defined benefit pension plans, and reviews alternatives made available to some workers. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Injury Episodes and Circumstances: National Health Interview Survey, 1997-2007

Categories: Health/Medical,Statistics

Covers nonfatal injuries requiring medical care, including cause, location and nature of injury, characteristics of injured person, and source of medical care. From the National Center for Health Statistics.

Criminal Victimization 2008

Categories: Crime/Justice,Statistics

Presents the annual estimates of rates and levels of personal and property victimization from crime and describes the trends for the ten year period from 1999 through 2008. Reports that the violent crime rate dropped by 41% and property crime rate by 32% over the decade. From the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

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